I'm sure that countless things are running through your head as you begin the next school year, knowing that is the last before your next step in life. It can get overwhelming, especially with all that you will have to do if you plan to head to college. Here are a few things to help you out throughout the year.

1. Take pictures

This year will be a lot of last firsts for you, and with that being said, make sure to capture each moment. This year will be your last homecoming, your last prom, and your last football game... So many doors are closing for you, but this also means that many are opening. You will want to reminisce about these times later on, so just take the picture. Don't get embarrassed.

2. Show school spirit

Attend your home games this year and cheer on your sports teams. Go to marching band competitions to show your fellow peers that you support them. It's always nice to feel that people are in your corner, cheering you on while you do something you love.

3. Take the trip

Take a spontaneous road trip with your friends. Get in the car and drive anywhere, even if it's to Krispy Kreme for the hot light. Sit on your football field during the night and spend time together, drive to an overlook and take pictures, or go to sit alongside the river talking about anything and everything. Just spend the moment together.

4. Be open to new experiences

Even if you're not sure that you'll like it, try new things with your friends. It'll help you become open-minded and you may end up finding a new hobby, making new friends, and just making great memories.

5. Be grateful

Be thankful for the times you have this year. You'll want to wish them away and you'll want them to be over, but they will be some of the greatest times you'll ever have. Make them count.

Good luck in your upcoming year.