To the High Schoolers who will be Attending the University of Georgia...
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Student Life

To the High Schoolers who will be Attending the University of Georgia...

A survival guide from a now-rising second year to the new faces on campus

University of Georgia at Athens

I want to start off by saying Congratulations! You did it! All of your hard work over the past four years of high school has officially payed off, as you are now about to embark upon your journey as a Georgia Bulldog. After recently finishing my first year at the University of Georgia, I want to offer tokens of advice and knowledge that will hopefully guide you towards many successes throughout your next four years. As always, Go Dawgs!

No matter where you are living on campus, be open to meeting new people...

Like on any college campus, there are freshman dorms that are desirable and/or undesirable. Though, no matter where you are living on campus, whether it be in Russel, or Mell, or ECV, meet your neighbors and as many people as you can. Some of the best friendships can be formed with people from your dorm! Be a friendly face that can always engage in quick, friendly conversations because believe me, you will be seeing your dorm mates a lot throughout the year.

What you need to know about Athens...

Athens, although its relatively small compared to other college towns, holds a huge place in my heart. It is a super active city with so many fun activities to do when you are not busy going to class. One of the most iconic places in Athens is the Georgia Theatre. There, you can find yourself present at sold out concerts and performances for big name singer/songwriters and performers. More so, Athens is a great place to eat, as there are so many varieties of restaurants in Athens, offering an ethnically diverse platter of cuisine. Athens is the smaller version of the city that never sleeps, as it is often known for its nightlife. It has roughly 80 bars in one square mile, giving you many options to grab a drink during a fun night out or after a win in Sanford Stadium. If that isn't your scene, Athens also offers many green spaces and trails to exercise, ride your bike on, or walk on. There is even a botanical garden not far from campus!

Some of the best places to eat in Athens, GA...

We all have an inner foodie inside of us that loves good food. Athens is the perfect place to satisfy all of your cravings, whether it be Italian food, Mexican food, sweet treats, or American food. Wanting a slice of the best pizza ever? I recommend Starland Pizzeria or Little Italys. Whether you are having a late night or early morning, Waffle House is one of the most popular food places on campus, and you will most likely see someone you know each time you go there. Craving some fajitas or a quesadilla? Fuzzy's Taco Shop, Barberitos, or Taqueria del Sol are some of the most popular Mexican cuisine restaurants on campus. There is even a Barberitos in the Tate Student Center! To kick your late night sweet tooth, there is Ben and Jerrys, Insomnia Cookies, Alumni Cookie Dough, and Pelican's SnoBalls, all of which offer amazing desserts! And finally, if you are trying to eat a little healthier in college, there are many options to do so! My personal favorite is Maepole, which offers healthy make your own bowls. Frutta Bowls, Ardens Garden, and Journey Juice are great places to grab a smoothie or a healthy juice!

Be actively involved at UGA by going to sporting events...

I can honestly say there is nothing better than a game under the lights at Sanford Stadium. The crowd's energy and the atmosphere itself is powerful enough to leave you speechless. With that said, UGA is known for is successes in sports other than football, such as basketball, baseball, gymnastics, or volleyball. Being present at games in Stegmen Collusium is just as exciting as games at the stadium! Support all of UGA's athletics, and in doing so, you will make the University of Georgia feel even more like your home.

What to bring to battle Georgia's crazy climate...

If you live in Georgia, then you know the crazy weather patterns that it often faces. One minute it's bright and sunny and the next minute it is practically monsooning outside. With that said, one of the biggest pieces of advice I could give is to keep a rain jacket and/or umbrella handy and accessible in your backpack because you never know when it's going to rain. More so, UGA is known for its hilly campus, so make sure you pack good tennis shoes and are prepared for your calves to burn on your morning walks around campus. During the winter time, expect the temperatures to drop, especially in the morning, so always pack a nice warm sweatshirt to wear!

One last piece of advice...

Make these next four years the best four years! Don't be afraid to take ahold of your life and be your own advocate. Do things that are potentially out of your comfort zone and take every opportunity with open arms. Learn about your self and don't be afraid to stumble every once awhile, for that is where true growth lies. Again, Congratulations on deciding to attend the University of Georgia! Here's to your next four years as a Bulldog!

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