To The Girl Who Loves Him Next:
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To The Girl Who Loves Him Next:

not so easy, but so worth it


To the girl who loves him next:

You are the luckiest girl in the world and never forget that.

He will be the best part and person in your life.

He will teach you not only things about your relationship but also your friendship.

His parents and family will absolutely adore you (sometimes may seem as if they like you more than he does)

He will tell you about his plans with his future, always listen but never rush.

He will always push you to do your best. Don't think he's upset or belittling you because he really does want everything for you.

He loves to cuddle, even if its too hot or uncomfortable always let him. He even sometimes prefers to be little spoon demanding a back scratch.

He doesn't like being told no all the time, it's definitely a chase for him.

Sometimes he will want to stay up late. Don't get upset, even if all you want is to fall asleep with him, he will be there when you wake up.

He is a big baby at heart despite what you may think from the outside looking in. always be easy with him.

He's very insecure but definitely won't let you see that. Once you do, always let him know that his imperfections he thinks he has are actually everything you wanted.

He loves hunting and fishing, although doesn't look like it but your dating a cuntryyy boy. Sometimes he will want you to come, sometimes it just friends. Sometimes you'll want to go but he will definitely understand if you don't want to get eaten by a million bugs.

He loves animals, his favorite is a cat. He may even say his spiritual animal is a lion or tiger and sometimes just a cat. Laugh and agree.

He prefers to talk on the phone rather than text, always be okay with that because his comforting voice will soon mean everything to you. Always be excited to hear about his day because he will always be excited to tell you about it. (even if it's on speaker phone don't say anything and just go with the flow)

He will be super silly while doing things, always makes jokes and fun of all of it. Always laugh.

Sometimes you guys will fight and sit on opposite sides of the room but he will probably send you a funny meme and I promise it will all seem better.

He loves to win and with that it makes his drive for everything so much more realistic. He doesn't just settle so please know that you are so lucky. So, NEVER, unless you're not a sore loser or great at electronical games, let him play or download a game on your phone, he has every intention of beating you.

He prefers his showers almost freezing, well that's what it feels like, it's okay he will soon settle and compromise for warm. (not kidding, he is a big baby)

You will be his #1 best friend, sometimes he will need to talk about things and you will be there, he won't have anyone else.

Always be prepared for a tickle fight, and when I say fight it really does get intense but his laugh will be all worth your pain.

His favorite types of movies are action and comedy, watch them, laugh with him. Sometimes he'll settle for a romantic or scary. (be thankful)

Don't mom him. He will get annoyed, but still let him know you care. He is a big boy, he can take care of himself.

He loves his alone time, dr pepper and of course food, but he sure is picky but soon you will know every order to every place you guys go.

If he needs space, always respect that. After a bad day, he's going to want some space. Let him have it. He's going to want to relax and watch Netflix or play PlayStation and just not think about anything. Let him know you're there for him if he wants to talk about it, but most days he won't want to.

If he is having a rough day or maybe even a week, always tell him you're proud of him and reassure him even if doesn't ask for it. He has been through so much, never judge him.

Never ever break your pinky promises with him, he will never break yours.

He does get jealous easy, he won't ever admit it but NEVER intentionally do things out of spite to hurt him or make it worse. Always respect his decisions and wishes and he will respect yours.

Try to not get jealous, I know it's easier said than done, but you guys are together now, he has learned from his mistakes and he is not going to risk losing you. When you get jealous he will get upset that you don't trust him.

Trust him like you've never trusted anyone despite whatever you've been through, don't be scared to tell him about anything either, he will love to tell you about everything but don't push him it will come with time and when it does it's all worth it.

Always give your all, as he will give his.


The girl who will always love him and want the best for him.

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