Funny Friends

You're with your friends out at a nice dinner, or at their house spending time with them. Everyone's having a great time and so are you! Mainly because you're racking off the jokes quicker than they can pop in your head and everyone is loving it! They're laughing and you feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that there's something you're really good at. But when it's time to go, you're exhausted and just feel...empty. Why is that? Why are you the life of the party but you go home you just feel alone? It's probably because there's a little thing nagging inside you that all you are is the funny friend. You're not Rebekah or Noah to're just funny and that's all they'll see.

Not true!

Think about it from your friends point of view for just a moment. You're going home just thinking how they were laughing at your witty jokes just having the time of their lives and you wish that they saw you as...more. Well, let it comfort you when I say, it's not always like that, assuming your friends are good people because if they aren't, then it's time to get away! But while you walk away feeling so alone and empty and helpless, they're walking away laughing and thinking about how much fun they had with you!

In my friend group, we're all the funny one. So we're always trying to one-up one another and just dig at each other with everything we have. Sometimes it leads to the funniest things ever. Like one of us is funny, but every so often, he spits out a nugget of gold and we all know there's no way we can top that. We even bring it back up regularly because it's just so memorable and funny.

You got this!

All of this to go and say, your friends do care about you. It's hard to believe sometimes because they aren't always there telling you that or trying to make you feel better, but sometimes you can actually help them for a moment. Some of them may also be having a hard time with a certain aspect in their lives and they feel refreshed listening to your jokes. They may wake up every day anxious or stressed, but you bring a sense of relief into their lives even if it's for just a moment. Keep it up! Keep your chin high! And keep that brain racing finding the funniest thing to say to your friends! Keep living life and keep laughing!

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