To The Exhausted Patient in the Doctor's Waiting Room

Dear desperate, sick, hurting, exhausted, fighting-for-your-life warrior,

I want you to know that I saw you in the waiting room, again. Yes, I was there, too.

I sensed how frantic you were. How badly you wanted to burst with the hope that this appointment could lead to help. How scared you were that it wouldn't.

I heard the plea inside yourself to not cry or be anxious. If you do, you'll be labeled, dismissed, or worst of all, shamed.

When the nurse called you back to the exam room I know how you the way there. I've been here before, too. My eyes have scanned those diagrams on the wall countless times.

I imagined your thoughts as you wait and listen for the doctor's hand to turn the doorknob. You dream about the day the doctor says these exact words, "I'm sorry. I didn't realize it until now. I understand. I won't stop until we find the answers of what's wrong and how to make it better".

That daydream is still so far away but you did so well at this appointment. This process is really hard. I felt your intense longing for care as you left the doctor's office. But something remained once you left the building - hope. Oh, how I love your hope.

I want you to know that I feel all of this with you.

I believe you. I still know who you are. You are so much more than this illness, this pain.


You Are Not Alone

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