A Letter To The Sisters I Love, Now And Forever
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A Letter To The Sisters I Love, Now And Forever

Each of you has always been my best friend.

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Mikaela Cok

Having siblings has pros and cons throughout each point of life, but one of the best pros is that you have a connection with each other that is truly like no other... We often think of our oldest friend from someone we maybe met in Elementary school, but in all honesty, our true A1's since day one are our siblings.

Now it is true that life with sisters isn't painting each other's nails and gossip sleepovers every night. I can recall countless nights where we would call each other hideous names, days where we would steal each other's clothes and swear to hate each other forever, and moments when we would cry to mom or day that "she said this" or "she took this..." It was never-ending.

Now that we are a bit older, we understand each other a lot more than we ever have. Our relationship has grown even stronger, than ever before, and all of our lifelong memories have made for so many laughs and funny stories. It is bittersweet to see all of us going our separate paths. New careers, new homes, new additions to the family. Isn't it crazy we dreamt of these days for so many years, and we often talk about how we wish we could go back to playing shadow tag on the trampoline out back and singing campfire songs in between Dad telling scary stories, and Mom cooking marshmallows.

Mikaela Cok Personal Photo

How is it possible that these 5, 10, 15 years have come and gone just like that? I used to never think the days of waking up, having a bowl of cereal and deciding to play dress up, Barbies or pretend to be characters from one of our favorite movies. Without knowing it, each one of those memories is what formed not only our relationship as sisters but as friends.

Today we go to each other for everything... Literally everything. When we want to find a new face wash or a pair of shoes, we talk to each other about everything. We are each other's teachers, doctors, psychiatrists, photographer, and product testers. And to be honest I wouldn't have it any other way.

When I think back to my favorite memories in recent or older years, almost all, if not all seem to include one or all of you. I have a unique relationship with each one of you, but each one of those relationships is just as important as the other. I often hear the saying that goes, "sisters by heart, but friends by choice." And that could not be more true, because all those fights and disagreements, we could have just given up many of times, and our friendship would have never grown, but because our bond is so strong, we chose to forever forgive and forget.

There is no one else in the world I would rather come to in my best and worst times, and I will always have your back. Because of you I laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a lot more.

I love you all, always.

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