To My Dog, I Miss You So Much Now That I'm At College

To My Dog, I Miss You So Much Now That I'm At College

Leaving my dog was hard enough, but I realized she had no idea why I was leaving.


Leaving you at home while I went off to college was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. You were everything to me. (Don't worry, you still are). I picked you out right before my senior year of high school. I'll never regret it, but I wish I had known how hard it would be to go our separate ways after a year together.

We spent all summer together, cuddling, going for walks, and playing with new toys. I tried to spend as much time with you as I could, but nothing prepared me for what was about to happen at the end of August. I could tell you were starting to get anxious because I was packing up all of my stuff and moving it out of the house.

I'll never know how, but you always knew I was about to leave for a little while when the suitcases came out. But this time it wasn't just for a little while. It broke my heart when you had climbed in one of the suitcases that hadn't been zipped up yet. As you paced back and fourth around all of my belongings, I contemplated every single way that I could possibly sneak you into my dorm room.

When it finally came to the day when I had to leave for college, you gave me those sad puppy eyes, whined every now and then because you knew I was headed out somewhere and watched me every time I came in the house to grab the last of my things. I almost cried when I had to shut the door on you. I wanted to let you know that I would be back as soon as I could and that I would miss you every minute of every day until I could see you again.

Throughout my freshman year, I tried to come back every other weekend to see you. It was great, you were always so excited to see me. My heart was so full every time I would walk into the house and see you run up to me. You truly are the cutest dog, and there was no better feeling than seeing your tail wag with excitement and getting plenty of your kisses.

Sophomore year I'll admit I ended up being way busier than I expected. But I want you to know that although I can't come home as often to see you, I want to. Yeah we might have grown apart a little bit, and it hurts a little to see that mom is your favorite now, but you'll forever hold a special place in my heart. Hopefully, I'll be able to take you back after college.

But until then, I just want you to know that I miss you every single day. The hardest part of this all is that you'll never truly understand what happened. Because unfortunately, for now, there isn't a way for us to communicate with our pets the way that I'd like to. But I hope everyone at home is spoiling you with lots of treats, and I can't wait to see you soon.

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5 Most Loyals Animals On Earth

How different animals can show loyalty.

Dogs, Cats, Birds, Fish, Snakes... There are 1000's of different types of animals in the world, some made for being pets and some take a great deal of effort to legally own. One thing almost every pet owner should be able to admit is that their pet helps their lives in some way. Animal loyalty between animal partners and even different species are examples of how trustworthy they are.

1. Dogs

Human beings don't deserve dogs, not at all. Dogs, when they are loved and respected have proven to do remarkable things like save babies from fires and sniffing out mines in war ridden countries. They stay extremely loyal and show how much they care and appreciate their owners, dogs will give you love the moment you come home from work everyday.

2. Cats

Cats can be considered one of the weirdest but most lovable species on planet earth, there has been ancient paintings depicting cats existence with humans for 1000's of years. The same look they have when they want love could be the same one they have when they want blood. But from the day they are kittens it's hard not to fall in love with the connection you get with some cats.

3. Wolves

Wolves are an amazing specie for several reasons. They are very loyal to their family and their packs, and either as a team or on their own wolves are a dangerous force. Wolves relationships can be considered better than that of humans because of their loyalty, once mated they tend to stay with that partner for life. When traveling in packs each wolf has its own duty to ensure the protection an well being of each member.

4. Bald Eagles

When you think of bald eagles you may think of the United States of America and the freedom it represents, but I also think of the beauty and strength the bird possesses. Bald eagles usually tend to keep their mating partners for life, they even build monstrous nests to show their fidelity.

5. Horses

The bond between horses cannot be measured in most cases. Horses are brilliant animals and look majestic, which is why humans are so interested in them. They can be used for a lot of different reasons like pulling plows, racing for sport, and transportation that is gas free. Horse ranchers usually take very good care of their animals with special food and exercise and social interactions with their kind. Horses have also been used in time of war for as long as it's existed, some have been know to lay flat and still against their nature to give people cover and protection.

Cover Image Credit: Clipzine

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11 Of The Greatest Dog Breeds, And What Makes Them Great

Some dog breeds that could potentially be my future companion.


Everyone has favorites, we all pick our favorite foods to eat, clothes to wear and jewelry to wear. The difference is sometimes our favorites aren't the best option for us. Having some greens once in a while instead of pizza is good for me. Sometimes, we look better in blue than our favorite shade of red, and sometimes, we have to wear some gold jewelry than our go-to silver. This is a list of not only my favorites but also some breeds of dogs I could see myself having because they would be a good fit for me.

I also would like to add that I am a cat person. However, I love all cat breeds, so that would be hard.

1. French Bulldogs

Hands-down, my favorite dog. They are so cute to me and they are chubby and so cute with all those wrinkles. The downside is the medical bill with this breed, but I could definitely see me get a Frenchie in the future.

2. Pugs

Again, the wrinkles are too adorable to not have! I will say, that I don't really think that I will end up having a pug, but they are really cute and I will continue watching pug videos on the gram.

3. Jack Russels

Jack Russels are a basic dog in my opinion. They are good dogs, good companions, and just happy dogs. I could see myself having a Jack Russel.

4. Pomeranian

Now, if I were to get this kind of dog, it would have to be a tiny version. This dog would have to have constant grooming appointments and be a cute stylish puppy. They are cute, but in my opinion, only because of the hair.

5. Labs

I really don't think of myself as a big dog type of person, however, I've been around labs my whole life. I believe that they are very loyal, and really good dogs. I also have seen a lot of kids and lab videos to warm my heart to get me to this decision.

6. German Shepards

This is a shaky type of breed for me. I have two German Shepards at home. One I get along with great, the other, not as much.

7. Chihuahua

Oh, yes! These crazy yippie dogs are on my list. Why? Because chihuahuas were my childhood fantasy. It sealed the deal when "Beverly Hills Chihuahuas" came out and one named Chloe was a main character. Now, it is not a solid deal as the breed once was, but I figured I would put this on there.

8. Pit Bulls

I think pit bulls carry a stereotypical bad reputation. In my mind, I feel as though pit bulls have the same personality as I do. They are very sweet dogs, but sometimes are clumsy or are sometimes too feisty. I saw a pitbull mix the other day and all the dog wanted to do was play with me. I think I would really get along with this dog breed.

9. Pomsky 

Just look up a picture and you will instantly want one too. So fluffy and cute!!!

10. Akita

I don't know a lot about this kind of breed, but by seeing their pictures I think they are cute but pretty protective dogs. I think they are kind of leaders and would be great for children.

11. Stray Dogs

I know this isn't a dog breed, but thinking about how all these different dogs come with price tags, why not rescue a dog for less? This could be great or the dog could not get along with the environment and it could go downhill. The good news is though, that doing this process, the people in charge help the dogs gradually change for it to work out for both parties and I think it is a great process. I have also have had ideas about fostering dogs in the future, so I think topic of my article was more than needed to talk about.

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