Dear Denver,

I wasn't even looking when I found you.

I first laid eyes on you on the dealership's website, I was drawn to you. It was like I already knew you without knowing you. It was a fantasy to imagine myself owning you, but something told me I should pursue it — I couldn't help myself. I didn't think I was ready at 20 years old, was I truly ready to settle down with the car of my dreams? It was scary and intimidating for me to think about. It brought forth so much commitment and responsibility.

From the moment I met you in person onward, it was a whirlwind. The papers were all signed so quickly and before I knew it, you were mine. The whole thing was terrifying and exciting — home and an adventure. We drove home together and the first song we listened to together was "Satellite" by Guster. I remember feeling more like myself than I ever had before up until that moment. They say that when you're with the right person, you become more of yourself than you were before. That moment when I drove you off the lot, I became the Meghan Rand I am today.

It wasn't easy after that. It was absolutely a whirlwind the way we fell in love. A shotgun arrangement, we were left to pick up the pieces once the reality of our decision set in. There was a lot of conflict when I began to receive new insurance quotes and started making my first payments on you. I forgot the butterflies I got in my stomach every time I laid eyes on you and remembered that you were mine. Our love got lost, and we truly grew apart. I missed how efficient the mileage on my Honda was. I hated the way you attracted attention from people I didn't want attention from. I began to resent you.

It took me hitting rock bottom to realize though, that you were always there for me. When I had to move an hour away from home and quit my job because I got dumped, you held all of my belongings for me. All of the hours after I went on aimless sad drives, you came with me. You held me while I cried, you put up with me spilling coffee in you, you took my friends and I on adventures, and you showed me what it was like to truly be loved.

Now it has been a year of highs and lows together — a full rotation around the sun. Thank you for always being there.

From the love of your life,