To Get Vaccinated For Covid-19 Or Not?
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To Get Vaccinated For Covid-19 Or Not?

Full vaccination is the only way out of this Pandemic, despite the unintended effects of the vaccines.

To Get Vaccinated For Covid-19 Or Not?

Despite the horror of covid-19 and the benefits of the vaccination, as medical scientists proclaim, some people are still reluctant to be vaccinated. They based their reluctance on what if? And what if unexplained impacts of the vaccine arise years later?

According to an adage, "there is nothing new under the sun." Viruses and diseases from time to time and under different forms have always plagued the world. They wreaked havoc, and the death toll is often heavy. But as the world evolves and reaches new medical breakthroughs, scientists created new vaccines that eradicated several diseases and viruses. Some of those viruses include Diphtheria, Ebola, measles, Hepatitis, HIV and COVID-19.

Since early 2020, CORONAVIRUS, originated in Wuhan, China, has turned into a Pandemic of historic proportion. According to one report, the world has suffered close to 171 million cases of COVID-19 infections and 3.6 million deaths. This Pandemic is comparable to a worldwide Tsunami because of its horrific and relentless impacts.

A year later, Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson, among many other pharmaceutical companies, have manufactured vaccines for COVID-19. FDA approved and authorized those companies to distribute their vaccines worldwide.

But there are problems. Johnson & Johnson has a 66.3 percent approval rating in clinical trials. The CDC has temporarily put a hold on it. The reason is that the unintended effects caused on vaccine recipients are heartbreaking.

On the other hand, AstraZeneca Vaccine that the English manufactured contained problems in unexplained health complications and deaths.

So far, Pfizer and Moderna are the leading pharmaceutical companies whose vaccines are being administered worldwide with an acceptable efficacy.

Because of the defect and the uncertainty of the vaccines, skeptics of vaccination are right to wonder what if? Whether it's Pfizer or Moderna or other vaccines, they all have short-term side effects, such as muscle aches or pain, headache or fever, etc. But how about the long-term effects of the vaccines?

Well, the vaccines have caused a seizure, convulsion, blood clots, paralysis, and deaths. The skeptics again are wondering about the monstrous unknown of the vaccines. If those reported diseases and deaths were worse than the unknown and what the eyes don't see and what the ears don't hear, then one would witness instead the devil having converted to Christianity to prove the contrary.

So it would be unfair to blame those who fear the vaccines. For example, Bill Gates talked openly on national television about the inclusion of a microchip in the vaccines. But why? A microchip belongs to a circuit board and not to a vaccine. Then, is the purpose of that chip to tag people like sheep or simply to screw them? Only those world oligarchs with their evil intent know the magic answer.

If history is repeating itself, some people, at least, have their eyes wide open. African-Americans haven't forgotten their victimization and their infamous past. Tulsa Race Massacre and The Syphillis Experience Of Blacks are still a nightmare that haunts them.

But good always outweighs the evil, so there are multiple benefits of getting COVID-19 vaccines. Once fully vaccinated, people can do more. As someone says, it's an effective tool to help stop the Pandemic. It's also a safe way to build protection and protect others. When the world is fully vaccinated, CORONAVIRUS will be something of the past.

Despite all the benefits of the vaccines, people who show reluctance to them have a justified reason to feel that way. Please note that the pharmaceutical companies quickly manufactured those vaccines with a high level of risks and uncertainty.

But as the COVID-19 death toll exponentially increases every day, the only way the world can get life back to "normal" is to be vaccinated while pretending to be oblivious of the ultimate unknown.

Hubert Odias, Freelance Writer.

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