To All Of The Broken Hearted Significant Others, This One Is For You
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To All Of The Broken Hearted Significant Others, This One Is For You

A poem that speaks volumes of what infidelity does to a relationship and the mental battles we all face during that trying time

To All Of The Broken Hearted Significant Others, This One Is For You

I remember thinking how lucky I was

How lucky I was to know you

To have you by my side

To say that you are and will always be mine

I treasured that

There was a pride deep down inside

Because I knew

I believed

Nothing in this world could ever tear you and I apart

With all of my heart

I felt you would be there

Never stray

Never go away

I remember thinking how envious others were

Because I had such a good guy to call mine

Not theirs


And I can smile recollecting these memories

Or should I laugh

At the naivety instead?

In those false beliefs

Of a happily ever after with my "one true love"

At believing you would never

In your wildest dreams

Crush me to the core

Stomp on my heart so hard

Leaving it barely recognizable as a beating heart

Leave it as mush

Like roadkill

After a speeding car collides and runs it over

Slowly losing its strength and will to continue beating

As the blood slowly stops circulating

To the point of


Yes, maybe that is it

How you pulled a wool over my eyes

At the sinful deeds you committed

The numerous women

You took to bed

While telling me

Your "one true love"

How much you truly loved

Loved me

I bark out a harsh laugh and shake my head

Wow, girl, wow

How stupid could you be

To not see the truth for what it was

For feeling his friends were yours

But they NEVER had your back

Those rose colored glasses were lifted from my eyes

Letting me see their true colors

Every one of them

Letting me know who I could truly trust

Which, to me, seems like none

Speed bump

Oh, wait, no

Another speeding car runs over my slowly giving up the will to live heart

As onlookers start to crowd around

Point and murmur

Is that how it was when I was unaware of what really was going on?

Here she comes, shhh don't say anything

Don't worry man, we got your back

They point and they whisper

They ponder

They begin to speculate

And I am just lying there

Continuously run over

The breath comes forced

The blood stops to flow

And there I am



Never to be the same

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