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8 Must-Watch Shows That Will Turn You Into A Nocturnal Human

Trust me; they're binge-worthy shows.


Summer is the start of many things, even binging new shows that you immediately get hooked on. It's all about staying up at night binging shows and obviously not regretting it the next day when you wake up at 1 pm, trying to catch up on sleep. It 100% will ruin your sleep schedule, but it's summer, right?

1. "Friends"


"Friends" is the classic show that is something that everyone would enjoy. With its ability to make anyone laugh, it's definitely a mood changer. The friendships portrayed in the show will definitely make you wish you could see your friends everyday like the cast. Even tho it started in the late 90s, the show has a huge, and still growing fan base. This show is a comedy that shows the relationships with the 6 best friends and how they get through life together, even when life is hard.

2. "Lucifer"


"Lucifer" is a show about the beliefs of Christianity mixed with mysteries. It's definitely a binge-worthy show, with it's many plot twists and cliffhangers. It'll definitely make you laugh with Lucifer's sarcastically funny jokes in all the wrong moments.

3. "Grey's Anatomy"

"Grey's Anatomy" is show that will take you on a crazy roller coaster. With so many twists and turns, the show teaches many life lessons that everyone should learn. Even with 15 seasons (and going), the show has millions of viewers and has people hooked to the plot. This show will put you in your feels and at the same time make you laugh when you need it the most. This show is about a pool of doctors and their complicated personal lives mixed with their daily encounters with patients.

4. "Gilmore Girls"


"Gilmore Girls" is a show about a mom and daughter and their relationship. With their own ups and downs that they encounter in their small town, they're an inseparable pair in which both of them will always be each others' best friends. With comedy and the relationship between mother and daughter, this show is a great show to binge and get into the feels with.

5. "One Tree Hill"


"One Tree Hill" is also a show about the relationships between a group of high schoolers from a small town where everyone knows each other and everything is at a walkable distance. This show will take you through their life starting from high school to the point where they have their own family. It will also teach you many life lessons and will definitely put you in your feels and of course, you'll get hooked fast.

6. "Riverdale"

"Riverdale" is a show that will make you binge faster than the wind. With it's mysterious characters and plot twists, it'll get you hooked onto the show fast. Although it has mysteries involved, it also portrays the relationships between a group of high schoolers.

7. "Jane the Virgin"

"Jane the Virgin" is an emotional and dramatic show that will keep you on your feet. With it's bittersweet moments and life lessons about conquering your dreams, it stirs for the perfect telenovela. With it's MANY plot twists, it'll make you binge the entire show insanely fast. It shows the relationships with a mother and daughter as a best friend relationship.

8. "The Good Place"


"The Good Place" is a show with a different take than your typical show that you might currently be watching. With its many comedic scenes, it'll take you on a roller coaster to heaven and back (wink wink).

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