It’s December and everything is getting a little more beautiful here in Atlanta. Lights are going up, the DUC-ling is serving hot cocoa every hour, and it’s almost time to go home after a tough semester. But wait, before you pack up your bags, it’s finals season. Yes, instead of snuggling in with a hot cup of cider, you may want to buy a nice cup of Peet’s dark roast and find a comfy cubby in the stacks.

Not to worry though, here are a couple ways you can fit some holiday cheer into your busy schedule.

1. Make paper snowflakes with literally any paper

Finished your lab practical and have all these notes you’re never going to use again? Make them into snowflakes! Whatever it is; handouts, old newspapers, misprinted essays with typos, and all tests you never want to see again can be made into beautiful works of art with a few snips here and there. If you have glitter

2. Don’t put sugar in your coffee, put a whole packet of hot cocoa powder instead.

Going to the Ducling for some coffee? They have packets of hot cocoa now so why not just make yourself a hot mocha latte. Everything is just a little sweeter with hot chocolate especially around this time of year.

3. Take a ten-minute break and go to the tenth floor of stacks

The weather is beautiful right now and the views from the tenth floor of stacks are breathtaking. Take a break from studying and head up to the tenth floor for ten minutes. While you’re at it plug in some of your favorite holiday music. I highly recommend “Ring in the Season” from Frozen’s new short film.

4. Make some time for family or old friends

It’s been a tough semester away from home, and sometimes camping out in the library surrounded by stressed peers gets a little intense. Take some time to call someone back home and catch up or chat about something other than finals.

5. Twinkling lights, sweets and live wallpapers of falling snow

Liven up with your holiday spirit. Whether you celebrate anything around this time or just love winter. It’s time to break out that ugly sweater before heading out to the library. Or put some lights around your desk. Need a midnight snack? Why not candy canes and chocolate? Don’t have time or money to get anything festive, turn all your digital wallpapers into something fun like falling snow or motley pies.

6. Finals done? Treat yourself!

If you have time head out to the botanical gardens of Atlanta. The lights and garden are gorgeous this time of year. Or you could head down to Atlantic station and go ice skating. After you’re done skating drop by Starbucks and get a white hot chocolate. Don’t have time to go out, stay in and snuggle with a movie. Don’t forget to catch up on sleep and dream of all the fun you’ll be having this winter break.