The holiday season is what gets me through the fall semester. Once Halloween comes a long, the holiday season quickly approaches and the semester just seems to fly by with halloween parties, Christmas music, holiday shopping and- of course- the snowy, white weather that we all dream will appear on Christmas morning. Once the holidays are over, however, the cold weather is no longer cliché for the holiday season and instead it is just cold; all you can do is zipper up your coat, drink hot chocolate and go to class. But hey… that might not be so bad with these 3 tips of advice that will help you get through the cold winter days of the spring semester:

  • 1.Get lots of sleep and bring out your cozy socks… because youre going to need 'em!
  • 2.Download ubereats and get ready to order take out because it is way to cold to walk to the dining hall.
  • 3.Binge watch Grey Anatomy and have a wine night with your girls. The best way to enjoy any time is with your good friends.

Before we know it, the temperature will begin to rise and spring will be here...