Flying by yourself for the first time may seem like a daunting expereince, and for the first 5 minutes of stepping into the airport by yourself it is. As soon as you get your coffee in hand and are sitting in your gate- I promise it's worth it. Here are some things to know about flying by yourself!

1. You are not alone 

Flying alone for the first time may seem like a daunting experience - but always remember that you are not alone! There are literally thousands of other people in the airport that are probably having the same experience as you. So if you start to feel a little anxious-don't worry. You're not the only one.

2. If you need any help at ALL ask a nearby worker 

Asking for help is usually the last thing that someone wants to do when they feel insecure or lost. Most people will walk around aimlessly until they figure it out themselves. I tried to do this once-I ended up running around like a headless chicken. The workers at the airport are literally there to help you with whatever you need. Need to find the nearest bathroom? They"ll point the way. Not sure where your gate is? They"ll tell you. Never feel embarrassed to ask for some guidance.

3. ALWAYS pre-check your biggest piece of luggage

When your flying by yourself for the first time you want to carry the least amount of stuff as possible. The less you have to keep an eye on the more at ease you"ll be. Most curbside check-ins only cost about 25 dollars. Super fast, super easy.

4. Make sure you're at the right terminal when you arrive at the airport 

One of the biggest things that I can say I've learned from flying alone is that it is extremely important to be 100% sure that you're at the right terminal when you walk through the doors to go through security. If you're not, then find it as soon as you can.

5. Bring a book to read or a playlist to listen to while you wait 

Waiting at your gate can be one of the most boring things of your whole life. So I highly recommend bringing a good read or creating a playlist to jam too until its time for you to board your plane. Doing this will ease your nerves and help the time to go by fast!

6. Snag yourself a cup of coffee before you board the plane 

You're allowed to bring drinks on the plane - so treat yo' self. Get some coffee, and walk to your gate like you're on a catwalk. There is something about walking with your boarding pass in hand and your coffee in the other that strikes a new sense of independence.

7. Make sure you wear your comfiest clothes

There is absolutely nothing worse than wearing something uncomfortable on a plane ride. You are going to be confined to a pretty small space so it's important to feel the most flexible in whatever you're wearing. Don't look like a complete hobo, but you also don't have to look like your going to a ball.

8. Wear easy slip off shoes

This isn't a huge deal, but it definitely makes going through security a lot easier. You're going to have to take off your shoes when you go through the line, so you might as well speed up the process by wearing easy slip off shoes. And if it's winter, wear snug slip off boots.

9. Download your airlines app to track your flight and to have your portable boarding pass 

Downloading my airline's app and doing everything from there has been the biggest lifesaver when it comes to flying. If you're like me and you're terrified of losing any paper that's given to you, download the app. You can track your flight time and get your boarding pass AND check-in. Thank you, Jesus, for technology.

10. Remember to relax and enjoy your flight 

It's so easy to get caught up in all the details of flying and making sure you have everything, but once your on the plane its only smooth sailing from there. Get the window seat, lose yourself in the clouds, and breathe. You did it, you made it, you're already a pro-traveler.