Sick in college

Getting sick in college is absolutely brutal. As someone who has seen the worst of it, here are some tips for what to do, if you do find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being sickly.

Go to the Health Center 


Haul your sick being to the Health Center ASAP! If you find yourself coming down with any kind of sickness, it's best to make an appointment with a doctor at the center. That way, you can find out what you have, get some medicine prescribed, and maybe even a doctor's note to miss a day or two of classes. This is important, because it will put you on the fast track to getting better, and hopefully keep you from spreading your germs to others!



Seriously, go to the Health Center and get prescribed something to help with your cold/sickness! You'll feel a lot better. Even if it's just something you can get over the counter at the pharmacy, it's better to treat your symptoms that ignore them.

Take lots of naps


Your body is working overtime to help heal you, so make sure you rest up! Getting enough rest is crucial for recovery.

Talk to your professors 


Make sure you keep in contact with your professors when you're sick, especially if you miss a class or two. Knowing what is going on in class is imporant, and letting them know your sick can be helpful to them. Especially if you have a doctors note excusing you from class.

Have a friend take care of you


Having a friend check in on you is important when you're sick! It may be hard for you to get up and take care of things yourself, so having someone who can get you a glass or water, or pick you up something from the store is crucial. Even just having someone ask how you're doing can help. Just don't forget to thank them!

While there are plenty of other tips that are helpful to anyone under the weather, these are five of the most important ones to follow, if you do come down with a nasty cold!

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