18 Times 'Sims 2' Was Weirdly Satisfying
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18 Times 'Sims 2' Was Weirdly Satisfying

18 Times 'Sims 2' Was Weirdly Satisfying

When I was younger, the "Sims 2" was my computer game of choice. Spending hour after hour engrossed in this digital world of avatars never seemed to get old. Here are 18 ways this game is weirdly satisfying.

1. When a new Sim is born.

After carrying a baby around and watching the sim's belly grow, it's always exciting when the new baby finally arrives. You get to name it, too!

2. When you can get a Sim into private school.

The adult cooking for the private school's headmaster has to really know their stuff to get impression points for this event. Getting them to that level takes a lot of time to build those skills, so when they reach the highest level and the rest of the evening goes smoothly, the child is usually taken into private school, which is rewarding.

3. Realizing the main theme in Veronaville.

When I was younger, I wasn't highly read, but as I got older I noticed the connection between this little neighborhood and Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet." There are two main families in this town: the Capps and the Montys. In the Capp family, there is Consort Capp, Tybalt Capp, Hermia Capp and Juliette Capp. In the Monty family, there is Patrizio Monty, Isabella Monty, Mercutio Monty and Romeo Monty. Juliette and Romeo, of course, have a thing for each other despite the family feud.

4. Maintaining marriages and affairs.

I don't know why this was so enjoyable, and to be honest it makes me worry about the game and the human psyche. For some Sims, the main aspiration of their lives revolves around love while for others it revolves around excelling in their academics and career or making a family. Those that have the love-track tend to want more than one lover, which is tricky in the game. If the other partner finds out, it immediately destroys their relationship, so being able to maintain this successfully is weirdly satisfying.

5. When Sims WooHoo.

This not only builds relationships, but it also might result in a new family member. I guess I'm also just happy that they're having a good time.

6. When they drink the Elixir of Life.

Sims age over time and because it is a game, their lives can be rather short. One way to evade death a little longer is by drinking this special elixir. It literally makes them younger!

7. When you entered a cheat code to get more money.

In "Sims 2," there are several ways to get money. Your Sims can have jobs or do things like sell their art for cash. However, like in real life, it takes time to gather a big amount of funds so by typing in the cheat, it's rewarding because it saves you a lot of time.

8. When they get in shape.

Sims, like humans, can exercise to stay in shape and once they do enough, the game shows you their bodies changing instantly which is super rewarding. This can happen by using a machine, swimming, doing yoga or just following along with an exercise show on T.V.

9. Defying death.

In "Sims 2," there are so many ways for your Sims to die whether it be by fire, drowning, old age, electrocution or flies. Defying death is actually possible but it is slightly difficult to do. Often, if done successfully, the Sim becomes very happy. I would be too.

10. Obtaining skills.

In "Sims 2," I personally found the artistic skill the most fun to obtain. However, there are other skills available, like cooking or cleaning. When painting or doing something artistic, your Sim becomes better at that activity, making their painting better or making them less likely to burn that grilled cheese.

11. Sneaking out.

Teenagers have the option to sneak out, often with a friend or lover. If done successfully while parents or guardians are asleep, it generally results in a happy teen.

12. Making your own family.

In "Sims 2," being able to customize your own family from names to eye color is rewarding. Once you are done, you can connect them to make a family tree. Sims do not have to be related, but if they are, they begin with relationships that are partially developed.

13. Having too many children.

In real life, this would be extremely difficult, but in "Sims 2," having way too many kids is actually rather entertaining. You always have something to do, and it's fun having babies.

14. Making your own house.

The customization in "Sims," even in this game, which was an earlier version, is rather detailed. I personally was never able to completely figure out all of the little details about building a house itself but you can build one entirely from scratch. After this, you can decorate and personalize as much as you want, or as much as you can afford to do so.

15. When your Sim finally gets pregnant.

This can sometimes take a few tries, but you know you've been successful when you hear a little baby song play after.

16. When their Aspiration Meter is white.

If a Sim is unhappy or their needs aren't being attended to, they become miserable. This can even result in death if their hunger needs are too high. However, when a big want is fulfilled, like having a child or getting married, the Sim automatically becomes much happier, and the bar above turns white. This is very rewarding, and it also gives you points towards getting special items in the game in the Aspiration Rewards section!

17. When men give birth to aliens.

In "Sims 2," a Sim can actually be abducted if you're in Strangetown. On top of that, men can be abducted and somehow give birth to green alien Sims. Yup, it's awesome.

18. Being able to make them do whatever you want.

The power and control the player has in all of the Sims games is extremely satisfying. If you want to do very odd things with your Sims, like lock them in a room so they only paint to make money for the family, something I read about another player actually doing, you can do so. If you want to kill your Sims, you can do so. If you want to have a perfect family, whatever that means to you, you can do so. And with the newer games, the details have only become more intricate and the games more fun.

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