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Time Atlas, one of the biggest names in the Twin Cities music scene, is an alternative pop/rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Time Atlas has already toured the midwest and east coast several times, showing the world who they are and what they are about. The band, has started to gain a strong following and an unusual degree of support within the Twin Cities, which continues to grow.

The band is lead by the songwriting, vocals, and keys of frontman, Grayson DeWolfe and accompanied by Josh Bening and Adam Feuring on guitar, Kristoff Druva on bass, and Aaron Gates on drums. The five members each bring something special to the band and come together to create a unique and catchy sound.

The band worked extremely hard to create an album that would touch as many people as possible. Their debut 5-track EP, “Clarity.” was released in 2015 and immediately created a buzz in the music scene. In 2016, the band also released an acoustic EP titled, “Obscurity.”

I have had the chance to attend multiple Time Atlas shows in the Twin Cities. Every time the band gives it everything they have on stage and really pull the audience in. At every show, the fans are screaming along to the words of every song, but the song that really gets everyone going is, the track “Falling” off of the band’s debut EP, “Clarity.” The song itself has over 13,000 streams on Spotify and over 11,000 views on its official music video on the band’s YouTube channel. I had the chance to ask lead singer, Grayson DeWolfe a few questions which I have included below.

What has been your favorite live performance as a band so far?

“Oh man. We’ve done a lot of shows, but some that I hold as favorites are our EP release show, our first show we ever played as a band really, so I remember it being an adrenaline filled experience. We also opened up for the Plain White T’s last November, and I remember that show being a crazy full circle moment for me. We also were just a part of a Battle of the Bands that Go MN 96.3 put on in December and we got to play for a full house Fine Line, which was crazy!"

Why did you decide to play the music genre that you do?

“The music we make is really a boiling pot of our collective tastes in music. A lot of us listen to modern alternative / pop rock bands, so that’s become our final sound and it’s the music we enjoy making.”

Who have been your musical influences?

“Personally I’ve had a load of influences impact our work when I’m songwriting. My personal influences are Panic! at the Disco, The 1975, Marianas Trench, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, The Cab, Kodaline, The Jonas Brothers (seriously) and more. A lot of us vibe on The Cab and This Love and Marianas Trench too. We’re all listening to new things all the time.”

In 2016, Time Atlas released their infectious single, “Scarlet Fever” which in its first month gained over 50,000 streams/views! What is the meaning behind the song?

“Scarlet Fever is a metaphor I came up with for this idea of an internal disease where your brain and heart are at war. And I guess that battle is causing your whole body to tear up and get a fever. It sounds pretty dramatic saying it that way, but that’s what the song is about and the decisions you have to make as a human, between what's the easy thing to do and the right thing to do, etc.”

Check out the band’s single, “Scarlet Fever” here:

"Scarlet Fever:" https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/scarlet-fever-si...

“Scarlet Fever” Official Music Video:

What is your songwriting process?

“It’s always different for me. I’m a big melody guy, so sometimes I’ll be driving or at work and a melody pops into my head when I’m in the bathroom or something. I record it on my phone, and the next minute I get the chance I’m trying to come up with song structure, lyrics, and ideas based around that idea I had. Lyrics usually come last for me, but sometimes I go off of poems I write too.”

How was your experience performing in the Battle of The Bands hosted by Go 96.3?

“It was actually awesome. I’m glad that our friends in JC and the Class won with their crazy hip-hop frenzy, it’s a blast watching them live. Just getting to put on a free show and get on that stage and play for hundreds and hundreds of people coming out to support local music is really what made the show so so fun.”

Which song did you enjoy writing the most and why? Which was the most difficult?

“Most of the songs I’ve enjoyed writing most aren’t released yet (ooo I’m excited for people to hear) but otherwise my favorite song we’ve put out so far is “Too Late.” It came to me when I was working in an Italian restaurant. I ran to the bathroom and wrote out the verse and chorus in like 2 minutes, then ran back out and started working again (laughs). I’d say the hardest song to write that we’ve put out was “Falling”, just because it was the first song we wrote as a band and we all were still learning how to write together."

What is your favorite part about performing and touring?

“My favorite part is getting to perform to new people every night. I’m fine living at home or being out on the road, but just getting to perform time and time again is really just a lot of fun and getting to meet new fans and hear their stories.”

You recently did a recording studio session at the Garage for your fans around Christmas time. How was your experience with that? Can you tell me about it?

“Yes! We essentially were trying to figure out a cool holiday show idea since we were competing in the Battle of the Bands at the same time, but we still wanted to have another annual holiday show like last year, so we decided to do a live recording session instead where we invite fans inside to listen and get the recordings. It was awesome, the live room sold out in like 30 minutes, and we’re still working on the mixes now so we can share what we recorded!”

Check out one of the band’s favorite part of the live holiday session. Their cover of the classic holiday song, “O Holy Night” here:

What are your future plans? What are you working on currently? Any new songs, shows, etc?

“Currently we’ve been writing and recording songs for the past several months. Now that we don’t have any shows booked, we’re going to be recording professionally a new single in the coming months and releasing it in spring. You can expect us to be out on the road before summer too, and no matter where you live in the US, there’ll probably be a show near you ;)”

If you ever have the chance to see Time Atlas perform live, do so! I promise that you won’t be disappointed. The passion and energy each member brings to the stage is incredible, and you can see on each band member’s faces that they are loving every second of what they are doing and that is so important. Stay tuned to the band’s social media to find out when shows and new music is coming your way, but in the meantime, make sure to check out their music and make sure to tell your friends about them. You don’t want to miss out on this band, trust me!

Debut EP "Clarity:" https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/clarity-ep/id100...

Acoustic EP “Obscurity:" https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/obscurity-single...

“Falling:" https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/falling-single/i...

“Falling” Official Music Video:

Time Atlas Social Media:

Website: http://www.timeatlasofficial.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TimeAtlas/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/timeatlas

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/timeatlasmn/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeyIon-wogRthgTAk...

Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/artist/6r7CIiXda2QWcgCWEh...

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/time-atlas/id1003970007

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