Time With Jesus Changes Everything

Before the summer began I made it a point to start having daily time spent with the Lord. I used to journal before bed, read a quick Devo, and then call it a day. While I kept Jesus in my heart during the day, I knew there was something important missing. there was something that I wasn't doing that I knew I needed to be doing.

After attending a conference, I found the drive to start pursuing Jesus again. In the way that He was worthy of being pursued at all times- with my intentional time. If I'm on His mind at all times and if He knows ME intimately and well, then why shouldn't I know Him intimately and well?

So I started my routine. Since June, my morning routine has been to make coffee and then spend 15-30 min reading my bible, soaking in some lyrics from a worship song, and praying over my day.

I can't even begin to tell you the difference this has made in the way that I go about my day. Guys, when you begin your day with the One that created it, there is nothing better, nothing sweeter, and nothing more life-giving.

Recently I just went on vacation for about 10 days and before It even started, I had to make sure my daily routine didn't get thrown off. So I made it a point to wake up a little earlier and get on the ground of my hotel room to spend time with Jesus before I started my day. When you take the time to be with your Heavenly Father that's above everything else, He will begin to move. You will see His goodness so clearly and you will find yourself falling at His feet because of How He's been faithful to you. And on the days where I was rushed and didn't have time to sit down and be with Him? I found a way to just be with the Lord before I did anything else during the day.

My life hasn't become a magical fairyland since I've been spending intentional time with Jesus, it has not been rainbows and butterflies. But you know what it has been?


I have been so much more aware of what God is doing in my life. My days feel refreshed, I feel held by my Father. I've recently been learning that God is worth so much more than my little praises. He's worth every praise, in every season, every day.

I'm beginning to look at spending time with Him less like something that I have to do and more of something that brings me joy.

I hope you discover that being with your Heavenly Father- the one that knows you more than ANYONE else in this whole world you find unending joy in a world that tries to take it away from you.

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