In the recent months, there has been one topic, one social issue that seems to have taken precedence over many others. It has dominated the social media landscape, infiltrated its way into award shows, and even rocked Hollywood and our male-centric society to its core. I think we all know what I’m talking about, the acknowledgment of the unacceptable sexual harassment and assault of women across all workspaces and society itself.

It’s hard for some to imagine, to realize that this issue is as bad as it is. Some, primarily men, don’t recognize that this is an issue women are faced with day in and day out, that we have to constantly fight this uphill battle that doesn’t seem to have an obtainable destination. But Time’s Up.

The sad thing that many don’t understand is that women have been fighting for equality, fighting for an equal spot at the table and a chance to be acknowledged in the same way that a man has for decades. This is not anything new. But, in the world we live in today, there is no logical reason as to why a woman should be treated less than her male counterpart. Why she should be paid less for doing the same job. Why she is not deemed safe or trustworthy for making hard decisions or adequate to hold a position of power. Why she has to fear the possibility of sexual harassment or assault daily. Why we have leaders and people of power who have continuously abused their power and exerted control through fear.

No one should have to go through life fighting twice as hard just to have the same outcome as someone simply because they are a man. In a time where there are so much hate and negativity in the world, where we are constantly reminded of the violence and evil that exists, the inequality and looming possibility of sexual harassment should not be something we have to worry about.

As a twenty-year-old woman growing up in this generation, witnessing women of all races, ethnicities, shapes, sizes, positions of power standing up as one, standing up to say “me too,” standing up to say that time is up for this behavior, I can’t help but feel motivated and hopeful for the future. Because of women like Oprah and Meryl Streep and, especially, the brave and countless women who have garnered bravery and shared their terrifying and disturbing stories, women of future generations won’t have to endure the hurt and pain that they have experienced. Thanks to these women, there is a brighter day ahead.

It has started with these women, but it doesn’t end with them. We all, men and women alike, have to come together and demand a society where this behavior is not tolerated and is not the norm. As Oprah so beautifully said, in the future, I want to “live in a world where no one ever has to say me too again.” I know that I will fight for this and I hope you all will too.