During this time of year, things can get pretty hectic. Everything from this year seems to be coming to an end, and just like that, it's about time that we take a 3-month break from reality. I have been thinking more and more recently about how I am going to spend this time. While it is supposed to be a time used for vacation, I also would like some productivity to come out of it as well. That is why I am going to use the time that I have to work on bettering myself. I want to be the better version of myself and be content with the way that I am living my life. I am a firm believer that time invested in yourself is time well spent.

I'd like to get back into reading. Picking up a book will never go out of style. Every day, I am scrolling on my phone, and I read different things all the time. I'll read the news, or status updates, I have even read excerpts from novels on my phone. But looking at a screen and flipping through pages are two very different things. I want to try to detach from my phone a little more and focus on the things that are right in front of me. I don't want to miss a thing from being distracted by it.

I have also found myself slacking in the gym department. Exercise is so important for your mind and body. I want to challenge myself to go to the gym the majority of the week. The struggle is getting up and going to the gym, but once I am there I am so glad that I came. When things got hectic in school this fell onto the back burner and it is something that I really miss doing for myself. When I return home, fitness is coming back into my life and will be here to stay.

Being away at school has also made me, very very broke. Leaving my job back home and starting off school, I didn't want to rush into trying to find a new place to work. After a year of being unemployed, I really need to get back to work. I will be returning to my old job over the summer and I don't plan on stopping there. When I return to Orlando in the fall I will be finding a new gig. Being independent is something that I really value and though I gained a ton of independence, I feel like I lost some as well. I'm excited to get back on my grind and make some money.

I am ready to become the best me that I can be. I haven't really been taking the time to take care of myself, but I am determined to change that. I will be returning next fall new and improved and I am looking forward to getting to that point. Time spent investing in yourself is and is always will be time well spent. A better me is on the way.