Most people know Tim Tebow for his football skills and his unwavering faith to Christianity. Many people do not know what he has done for those with disabilities over the years. This was the 5th annual "Night To Shine" event that allows those with disabilities over the age of 14 to attend prom.

This event is one of seven foundations that Tebow has set up to help others. Some include helping families adopt special needs children internationally, or setting up playrooms in hospitals to let children with illnesses be a kid. You can really tell these foundations are his pride and joy, I appreciate him even more for that as a person.

His event, "Night to Shine" is not just an event that happens in the United State, but it happens around the world. This international event blows me away every year, only getting bigger and better. Regardless of your faith, regardless if you think Tim Tebow is a terrible football player, he has created something amazing. All because at the end of the day, it is how the people who the foundations are for feel.

His faith does play a big role in the success of this foundation and many of the others. Different churches from around the world help to set up and host these events. Over 650 churches have helped to host the event this year! Fifteen of those churches were in my own state of Alabama to make sure people could attend here.

They hope to have more and more churches reach out and help to host this event to make it accessible to more and more. Currently, they have had about 100,000 guests at this event! I hope one day that everyone has an event happening near them. Also, this event would not be able to happen either without the kind and caring hearts of the volunteers that make sure everything goes smoothly throughout the night.

Every year it comes up I can tell my brother is excited to attend. Just because my brother has a disability, does not mean he should not get a chance to enjoy a fun night. He and all the other guest got to enter on a red carpet. Guest got to take advantage of a hair and make-up station they had set up. He spent the night with his own friends and dance the night away like no one's business. It was a night full of food, laughter, dancing, and unforgettable memories. We were reminded of how far he has come and how he has never let his disability get in his way of living his life, just like many others who attended this event.

So, thank you, Tim Tebow, for giving my brother this chance to shine. Thank you for giving so many others a chance to shine. Thank you to the volunteers that make it a night to remember. The smile on my brother's face and all of the other guests remind me to keep living my life to the fullest with no regrets because they do every day.