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33 Things About Tim Riggins That Make Every College Girl Want To Live In 'Texas Forever'

#33 on the field, but #1 in our hearts.

33 Things About Tim Riggins That Make Every College Girl Want To Live In 'Texas Forever'

Friday Night Lights is the ultimate Texas high school football show.

You can't help but resonate with the small town of Dillion the deeper you get into the seasons. One of the most recognizable characters that you go from hating to love is none other than Tim Riggins. While he might be tough on the outside, Tim Riggins is a big softie at heart.

What's not to love?

His friendship/friends with benefits relationship with Tyra 

They could just kick back and hangout with each other but they also seemed to hookup most of the time whenever one of them was back in town. Oh well.

When we realized he was the "bad boy" of the show 

Every show has one, and here ladies and gentleman, it's Tim Riggins.

His love for football 

The fullback of our dreams.

His Texas twang 

I was baffled when I found out he's actually Canadian. Could've fooled me.

When he took Matt shooting when he was down 

...because that's the best way to get over a breakup, right?

When he gave Jason the game winning football 

When he went to Mexico with Jason 

...and stopped him from doing a risky operation that could have killed him.

How he always protected his teammates, on and off the field 

When he protected Julie and took her home after she drank too much at a party 

 ...And then didn't say anything when Coach Taylor thought he was taking advantage of Julie when he was trying to get her into her bed  

 When he protected Julie during a tornado 

 How he never gave up on Lyla

 Every single time he smiled 

 When he took Becky pageant dress shopping because her mom bailed 

 When we heard how Coach Taylor and Buddy spoke about him 

 How close he got to Jackie's son, Bo 

 When he found out those closest to him made him a highlight reel 

 Every time he kissed Lyla 

 When he day drank

Something about Tim not really having his life together just makes you like him more.

 When he drove around in his truck 

 When he smirked 

 When he quizzed the team on football plays 

 When he volunteer coached the East Dillion Lions with Coach Taylor 

 When he took the blame and went to prison so Billy could be a present father  

 When he wouldn't let Lyla give up on going to Vanderbilt just to stay in Texas with him 

 When he went to New York with Jason because he wanted to land a sport agent job 

 When he helped Tami Taylor with things around the house when he was staying at the Taylor's 

 How excited he was when he got into college 

 His undeniable love for Jason 

 When he apologized to the entire team 

 When he was always there for Becky 

Remember when Becky got pregnant and went to Tim?

 Every time he chanted "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose" 

 "Texas Forever" 

Tim Riggins has a place in all our hearts and y'all know it.

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