Skincare Junkies, TikTok Is The Greatest For Skincare Advice
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Skincare Junkies, TikTok Is Actually The Greatest Space For Skincare Guru Advice

Some of the best skincare advice is actually from TikTok!

Skincare Junkies, TikTok Is Actually The Greatest Space For Skincare Guru Advice

Skincare is one of the biggest industries in North America, with an $18 million dollar revenue in 2020 already. From malls to Walmart to online shopping, thousands of products are available to us to help better our skin without a trip to the dermatologist.

Skincare is advertised just about everywhere, and a lot of us have turned to the Internet to determine what's good and discover some new DIY or effective product recommendations. Not only that, but various online trends relate to skincare, like Mario Badescu facial mists and the battle of blackhead removers. (I'm guilty of egg whites and toilet paper.)

Now, however, the newest skincare gurus aren't just trending on YouTube or blogs anymore.

In fact, they've joined TikTok to create platforms and have reached a WIDE audience who have become devoted fans and are changing the products they use. There's actually a skincare hashtag with 6.2 billion views on the app!

However, two TikTok creators have become especially famous for their skincare videos and have a BIG presence on the app.

TikTok content creators J.C. Dombrowski (@jc.dombrowski) and Hyram (@skincarebyhyram) are both verified creators on the app and have a combined almost 3 MILLION followers. Hyram also has 1.66 million subscribers on YouTube, and has filmed content with Karlie Kloss!

Their skincare videos have millions of TikTok views and are reaching a MASSIVE Internet and social media fanbase.

Although these creators are not licensed skincare specialists, they have done research about product ingredients, companies and use personal experiences to discuss the effectiveness of products and warn about the damage they might cause. They even react to the skincare routine videos of their followers to offer tips!

It has also become a trend for Hyram's followers to tag him on skincare posts and ask for his opinion.

babyjohnson010 via TikTok

Some of their informative videos have actually been quite shocking, as they're debunking some of the skincare myths we've all believed in for years.

J.C. Dombrowski's most recent video discussed how Thayers Witch Hazel Toner, Mario Badescu Facial Mists and PROACTIV are horrible products to use.

These three products have been EVERYWHERE online — I even used witch hazel yesterday!

Along with his videos bringing awareness to marine biology (which is his subject of study at Cornell University), he does product reviews to inform us how many products are actually quite damaging, including the aesthetic GlamGlow face masks.

Hyram is famous for reviewing skincare routines and explaining why popular products, like the St. Ives Apricot Scrub, are extremely bad for your skin! One of his most well-known hated trends are even DIY products, which many of us assume are completely safe and effective!

He also recently made a YouTube video of him testing out popular products on TikTok.

Specialist Tries Popular TikTok Products

TikTok has seen many new skincare trends already, including The Original chemical peels and ginger blackhead-removal masks. With this new wave of skincare gurus, they are bringing more attention to trends and to how many companies are fooling us with damaging products.

They've also revealed that the apparent 'burning or soothing' feelings we get from products are simply side-effects of ingredients to make you believe it's working.

Their advice has been steadily changing the perspectives of the skincare community, but has especially opened the eyes of new skincare users and gotten them more informed within their skincare choices. Their videos are amazing, educational and hopefully, they drop their own skincare lines some time in the future!

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