"Thy will be done" ... "It is well"

Two songs that I love so much but am scared to sing.

Every time I hear them I get happy but I also sit back and think.. "can I sing this and REALLY mean the words? God, Your will be done and either way it will be well with my soul"

It's a lot to think about.

It's scary to be completely honest.

I was just talking with a good friend after church this past week and this topic came up and I was reminded that I wasn't alone. (Side note: if you're thinking or feeling this, you are not alone! It's okay!)

She, too, had been thinking the same thing. What if Gods will is something bad and harmful. What if its taking something from you that means a whole lot to you. What if it means making you or someone in your family sick.

All of those thoughts are things that cloud my mind when I hear those songs.

I don't want God to do something harmful to me or my family, nor do I want him to snatch something away from me that means a lot to me.

I know that some things take place in our lives in order for God to get our attention. I get that.

While I was talking to this friend she brought up a situation where someone at her church had told them that they were praying that God would do whatever He needed to do in order to get their attention and to help them put their focus back on Him. We had the same reaction apparently... "don't pray that over me, you never know what that may consist of!"

There was no anger there towards the person for praying that prayer for the people at church but it was scary. Really scary.

After talking some more.. our conversation ended with "what will it take for us to be able to sing those songs without being fearful of the words?"

The only suggestion I have (& of course this is for myself) is.. first of all, check yourself. Make sure that your relationship with God is in line. Make sure that you're praying and spending time with Him and in His Word. Allow Him to speak to you and through you. Let Him love on you. Allow Him to guide you and lead you places. I feel that if we truly surrender to Him and allow Him to live through us then our outlook will change. Yeah, those prayers and thoughts will still scare us a bit but we will be able to sing those songs and mean it because we will be in line with Gods will.