2008 may be making a comeback and I am HERE for it

It's 2008 Again, And That's Okay With Me

The Jonas Brothers, Aly and AJ, Wizards of Waverly Place, everything is making a comeback in 2019 and I am HERE FOR IT!


2019 started off on a weird foot. We all saw the memes and politics. But by all that is good, we were blessed. The Jonas Brothers released new music in early 2019 and thus began months of good things and even better reunions.

The Jonas Brothers split up forever ago and had started to each have their own lives. Three of the four bros (we cannot forget about Frankie Jonas) got married recently. Kevin dropped from public view, Nick worked on a solo career, and Joe was the singer for DNCE. His vocals were especially highlighted in the hit song 'Cake by the Ocean'. The bros kept their lives going despite our constant nostalgia and need for a reunion. That is, until this year.

The Jonas Brothers seemingly official announcement came when they appeared with James Corden on Carpool Karaoke. The bros piled in and sang old songs, did a polygraph test, and chatted away. Their new song was decent also. It did not hold up to the sheer power and beauty of 'Burning Up' and 'Year 3000' (Which I'm shook to reveal is actually a cover!!), however, it was as good a reunion as I could ask for.

Their reunion may or may not have been the reason so many other reunions have been announced in the past few months. I'm sure all of this publicity was extremely good for the Jonas Brothers economically especially. It would only make sense for other bands and for Disney to hop on the back of this success and use the reunion wave to "leak" their own information about what they're planning to release this year.

Shortly after the Jonas Brothers experienced an increase in revenue and an increase in Spotify page visits, Aly and AJ started to tweet about their own little reunion. Even though none of their new music has dropped yet, they have been posting pictures of them recording new music and have been more active on social media than they were in the past.

Shortly after them, David Henrie posted a picture of him at Disney on his Instagram story. This can only mean one thing: Wizards of Waverly Place is coming back too. The show where Selena Gomez kept a wand in her boot, David Henrie defined words like the word 'the', and Jake T. Austin stole our hearts with his naive yet adorable banter. The return of Wizards of Waverly Place would mean the return of one of the best shows of the early '2000s. The best part is, I have seen online more and more sources confirming that this reunion is actually happening.

All I can say is I hope 2019 brings the return of 2008, a simpler time when TV shows were better and popular music was actually good. I can only hope that we find out how Charlie from "Good Luck Charlie" has been doing for all these years, what happened to Max Russo, and why Miley Cyrus is channeling her inner Hannah Montana with that new haircut (she looks GOOD though). Here's hoping 2019 is actually better than 2018 and almost as good as 2008.

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