Throwback Songs I Wish I Knew Then: Fall Out Boy
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Throwback Songs I Wish I Knew Then: Fall Out Boy

Fix me in 45.

Throwback Songs I Wish I Knew Then: Fall Out Boy
Jack Edinger

As the learned (or curious) reader knows, I’m “stuck in the past.” Part of such an exciting lifestyle includes listening to outdated music for the pure nostalgia and familiarity of it. What helps keep novelty in my music-experience is the fact that I didn’t really have many albums in the past, but the advent of streaming has allowed me access to a full catalog of artists’ discography where I didn’t have it before. It allows for discovery of new music on albums I only superficially know.

Anyway, the following are the bulk of the songs I discovered upon a rediscovery of old albums. The hits brought me to them. Now, I didn’t dive deep into the discography (I made a point to not listen to the point that I got tired of the band), so it’s possible (and likely) I still have more to discover. This list (and those of the future) are meant to supplement the popular “hits” of bands. Without further adieu, the songs I wish I knew then, by the great FOB -- Fall Out Boy.

Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy | Album: Take This to Your Grave (2003)

According to the Amazon Music ratings, this song is the most popular song by plays, and it was the second song to chart in the band’s youngest years. It also happens to be one of the most badass throwbacks I ever stumbled upon in the YouTube related section, as it is the oldest Fall Out Boy song in my library now. The lyrics are perfect when you’re having a messy, drama-filled time in life, in all the wrong ways. The chorus particularly has a nice way of reminding me of home.

Of All the Gin Joints in All the World | Album: From Under the Cork Tree (2005)

And oh, the way, your make-up stains my pillowcase!

Like I’ll never be the same!

Thriller | Album: Infinity On High (2007)

It’s a helluva start to an incredible album. It’ll have you singing along in no time.

Hum Hallelujah | Album: Infinity On High

I feel like this song came out of the early 2000s, but 2007 is just that far away now. Crazy huh?

“So hum hallelujah

Just off the key of reason

I thought I loved you

It’s just how you looked in the light”

Man if that doesn’t get ya, you ain’t a romantic. Makes me feel about eight years younger.

The (After) Life of the Party | Album: Infinity On High

For a song in the middle of the album, it definitely matches the title quite well and seems fitting for an ending. While the song as a whole seems to be about the fame (see: superficial look at the lyrics), the key question (“could it last?”) seems to be addressing the good life in general. Ah, how I love the idealized past.

What A Catch, Donnie | Album: Folie à Deux (2008)

One of the few songs of this particular album that I know, it happens to be one of the most musically beautiful, with guest vocals from William Beckett, Elvis Costello, Travis McCoy, Doug Neumann, Gabe Saporta, and Brendon Urie. In its ballad-style, I didn’t initially know what to think of the song, but the (yet again) masterful lyrics have a way of engrossing you. The rich vocals are complimented well by the composition.

Bonus badass song 1: “The Take Over, The Break’s Over” | Album: Infinity On High

Admittedly, I discovered this song quite a while ago, but its Amazon Music ratings suggest it isn’t getting quite the love it deserves. The entire song is well put together in such a way that you are pulled in and held until the very end. Easily my favorite song on the album (well, before I discovered all the songs above). And of course, how could I leave out this one-liner?

Bonus badass song 2: I’m Like A Lawyer With The Way I’m Always Trying To Get You Off | Album: Infinity On High

A song of choice of a close friend, it also brings back a particular set of memories. I discovered this song more recently than “The Take Over…” but still earlier than the above songs. It’s a little bit more love-songy, but hits the feels when they need to be hit.
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