11 Thrills Of Working In The Newspaper Industry
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11 Thrills Of Working In The Newspaper Industry

I wouldn't give it up for anything.

11 Thrills Of Working In The Newspaper Industry
Denny Muller

For the past year, I've worked in a newspaper office as an intern during the summer and winter breaks away from school. I can certainly tell you its been one of the best experiences of my life.

1. Being able to be involved in the community.

I enjoy being able to not just sit in an office all day or having to work a shift job. It is part of the requirements of my field to go out into the crowds, take pictures and embrace the community's events and celebrations.

2. Getting the inside scoop on news.

It is great being one of the first people to know about the latest news and not just having my resource be some rumor (most of the time). I am able to know what's going on before most people have the chance to learn.

3. Seeing the fresh newspapers before anyone else outside of the office walls.

It's not exactly the same now that we don't print at the location, but its still nice when they arrive, almost fresh off the press.

4. Being able to write every day.

Writing is a huge part of my life, so I thoroughly enjoy being able to spend a part of each day doing it. No, it's not the whole job, but it is a lot of it.

5. Having people actually read what I write every week.

As much as I know the numbers on Odyssey, it is different when it is on paper being sent to subscribers across the area.

6. Being able to take photographs that will be printed.

I enjoy the bylines on the photographs just as much as I do the articles. I am proud of each and every picture, as much work goes into the correct shot.

7. The feeling of having connections.

I love having a list of contacts, just knowing who to contact for each topic in mind.

8. The experience that will be added to my resume.

Realistically, an internship isn't always permanent. I will grow. I'm happy I have this experience to show that I will eventually be ready to do so.

9. The chance to be creative.

Each day I have to think of new story topics, edit new photographs, write on new topics. It's exciting. It's empowering.

10. I learn something new everyday.

Everyday brings something new. Each article allows me to learn something new about my community and a new perspective on life.

11. The people.

Every single person in my office has something odd about them, and I love that. The office is a second home to me, and I appreciate that immensely. The moment I leave, I'm ready to come back. It is a family situation.

In no way are these all of the reasons that I love working at a newspaper office, but I think the main points have been touched. I can never explain how grateful I am to be where I am.

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