I Threw A Pure Romance Party
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I Threw A Pure Romance Party

My girlfriends and I had a night of delights, drinks, and dildos for sale

I Threw A Pure Romance Party

"Would you be interested in hosting a Pure Romance party?"

A friend of mine sent me a text while I was away at school, promising a night of unforgettable fun for me and my guests. She had been a consultant for Pure Romance for a few months getting connected through another one of her friends. She was loving the innovative way to talk about sex with girlfriends. For those of you who don't know, it's all in the title. The company sells accessories to pair with your sex life and make it a little more than it usually is. They inspire romance for your personal after party, wink wink.

I jumped at the chance to throw my own sex toy party, with little penis shape foods and drinks already being planned in my mind. I brought the party up to my mom and we decided to throw it together because I asked to use her house anyways. My mom and I are pretty close and very open with one another about sex, so it’s not that weird, right? Meh, whatever, I had my party location ready!

The fun thing about being a host is that you get a free hostess gift and a credit for 10 percent of your party’s total sales toward any product on your wish list! So, it made sense, because the more people at my party, the more merchandise is bought and that means a higher percentage off my accessories goes up. More people = more stuff. Also, more people = more fun.

My mom and I started a Facebook page, inviting everyone we knew from family to friends. Everyone was getting pumped. My friends are always in the mood for margaritas and penis shaped Jell-O-shots.

There are some rules for the party, to make everyone comfortable which I really liked! No men were allowed in the house during the event because this was a party for the ladies. Everyone had to be over 18; shield your eyes kids! Lastly, there had to be a separate room provided for confidential shopping. The girls need some privacy when buying whatever their bedrooms’ desired. A girl never kisses and tells, or, never shops and tells.

After those were all settled, Lauren came over to set up! She had lotions, dildos, flavored lubricants, massage items, vibrators, and a giant board for a game of Pure Romance Jeopardy. The girls started arriving, and they brought some goodies of their own. We had margaritas, chips and dip, cheese and cracker platters, sausages (pun intended), and of course the Jell-O. Once everyone had their food and drinks, we all crowded around the living room and listened with wide eyes and smirks. The expert did her thing.

We started by all getting a little booklet that had all the items you could buy and a brief description. Then we got pens, but not ordinary pens. The pens came with a little, or not so little surprises…penis toppers! We were screaming by this point. I still have some left over blue and pink penis toppers, but I don’t whip them out for class. Just homework and occasional study sessions at the library.

We split up into teams of four and would pick a category for so many points. She would then describe an item and we had to go through the little booklet and call out the answer as fast as we could. Whoever got it right, their teams got little gifts. It was like if Oprah would ever throw sex toys into an audience. You get a lubricant! You get a massager! You get lotion! It made the night way more fun than just going through the accessories one by one. And we got to play with them and test them out. Pushing the buttons and watching a dildo twirl. Rubbing lubricant on our palms and feeling its heat. We even tasted some of the lubricants because why not! My personal favorite was a heart-shaped massager heat pack.

There’s a little metal disk inside the massager and once you snap it, the pack will heat up. Then you pour some massage oil over the area you want to work on and you just start massaging as you please. It was really cool, and I got one as my host gift! I use it almost every weekend now.

The party was definitely a success and I would throw one again. It was a fun way to learn how to spice up your sex life without making it awkward! All the girls got something and rave about it to me all the time. I recommend throwing one of these, even if you just want an excuse to hang out with your girls and laugh at dildos. Because, how else would you want to spend your Saturday night?

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