Thanksgiving is swiftly approaching and in preparation of the holiday festivities, I think recognizing some of the things that make Thanksgiving so special to college students is a great way to acknowledge why we cherish the fall season and its celebrations.

1. The closing fall semester

All students can attest to how stressful the fall semester is. From the changing weather to the anticipation of finals, the need for some family time and relaxation grows substantially throughout the semester. The prospect of Thanksgiving offers just that. Allowing for students to congregate with loved ones whether friends or family to fellowship over a delicious meal and show gratitude for lasting traditions and relationships. Anxiety-inducing exams may put students on edge, but looking forward to the holidays provides some respite from end-of-semester worries.

2. Going home to visit family

For students who live on campus, far from home, the holidays provide the opportunity to be with family. Although college can be thought of as a distraction from home life, the warmth of family is an unmatchable feeling. With Thanksgiving, students can visit their families and foster those familial ties over the break. Not only will this be a much needed comfort for students, but it will also be a delight for parents.

3. Thanksgiving Day Feast

The most eventful aspect of Thanksgiving and the one that makes everyone's mouth salivate at its mere mention is the Thanksgiving feast. Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, just to name a few, are staples of a classic Thanksgiving feast to share with family. Still, whether a change in tradition is the way to go by opting out of a conventional meal in place of a healthier direction or foreign cuisine, breaking bread with family and friends around the table is what makes Thanksgiving a special event during the fall season.

This Thanksgiving lets share, talk, and give thanks for the special people in your life and recognize the blessings - small and great - that make the holidays worth celebrating.