Every vacation, like many, I look forward to my hours on the beach, with nothing to do but read a book.Whether it’s something you have to read for school or just something to read for entertainment, reading is something that always is enjoyable.

This break, I read Me Before You, by JoJo Moyes.This book, like many, because of its success became a motion picture film and was released as a romantic comedy movie. After finishing the book in seven days, I immediately downloaded the movie. Excited to see how the movie would compare with the book, I watched it the same day I finished the book.

After reading the book, I was filled with hope that the movie would capture the plot and the characters in the way I had seen it in my head, but unfortunately, it did not.This is a common feeling; many often feel as if the book was better than the movie.Whether it is The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Girl on the Train, Room, or any other top-selling books turned into movies.These movies have left readers feeling let down and disappointed, and here are three reasons why.

1. The length

When reading a book, you get 200-400 pages often to get to know the plot, characters, and storyline. Most books that become movies are often shortened, because who wants to sit through a 4-hour movie.In doing this, the plot is often altered, leaving the viewers confused as to where their favorite scenes, characters and parts of the book went.

2. Going at your own pace

If you’re like me, then reading makes you ridiculously tired.This being said, when reading a book, I try to read a few chapters a night.In doing this, I can stop when finishing a chapter without being left in the middle of a storyline. With the movie, this is much harder to do.It is often a 2 hour or so movie, and stopping in the middle can often leave viewers confused, or in the middle of a major part.

3. The details

When reading a book, you really have the power to set the scene in your head. You create certain depictions of what you think the characters, places, and encounters should look like.When watching these encounters come to life in a movie, our visions sometimes become distorted and changed because of the movie.This often ruins the perception of the novel, and changes the way you perceive the characters.