Instagram going down tends to break the internet, literally. Here's 7 thoughts I have whenever it happens.

1. Again??

I guess it's time for our inevitable semi-annual Instagram blackout.

2. Wait... Facebook, too?

Just another reminder that they're owned by the same person, so they deal with the same problems.

3. Okay, let me use this time to be productive

I simply can't scroll so now I'll get my work done.

4. Thank god I'm not an Instagram blogger

I guess this is the one time that it's nice to not get paid thousands to post on Insta.

5. Wait, how are people still posting?

Sadly I keep checking the app to see if it's back and somehow there's a new selection of the 5 pictures that will load. But, how?

6. I really need to use my free time better

It is sad the number of times I've tried to use an app that I KNOW is not working.

7. Good thing I haven't posted today

If I did I'd have to do the awkward delete and repost and act like it never happened.

Losing our connection to Instagram should be a reminder that we really do put so. much. into a world that is (dare I say) fake. After thinking all of these thoughts and more, it's hard to let myself take Instagram, and other social media, so seriously. Maybe Instagram going down once in a while isn't so bad after all.