16 Thoughts Every Anxious Flyer Has In An Airplane
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16 Thoughts Every Anxious Flyer Has On An Airplane — Like When TF Are We Going To Land?!?

*Boards airplane and sits in seat for five minutes* "K I'm done, let me off now."

16 Thoughts Every Anxious Flyer Has On An Airplane — Like When TF Are We Going To Land?!?

If you're like me, please keep reading.

I have a HUGE fear of flying, especially in a giant airplane that can magically lift off the ground.

You can drive me to the airport and put me on a plane, but don't think I'm going to enjoy it.

I'm very particular; I don't like the window seat, and I can't eat before or during the flight.

With my ginger ale and Dramamine in hand or in my system, there are a million thoughts that run through my head that even my own music can't drown out. I could have the funniest movie playing on my phone, but my mind would just distract me from it.

If you, like me, have this fear of flying, let me share some of the thoughts I have while traveling in a big airbus.

Maybe you can relate.

1. "What the hell is that noise?"

I'm constantly looking around to see if any other passengers heard it. Or am I just crazy?

2. "Oh, it's just someone walking down the aisle."

It's not the engine burning up or the fuel running low. It's just the flight attendant walking in her heels to help someone get something to eat.

3. "I wish this dude would stop kicking my seat."

If you fly Spirit, or any other airline with limited legroom and tray tables, you may understand the pain. This only makes my anxiety worse.

4. "How does the pilot know what he's doing?"

Guys, I think about this ALL the TIME. I can't stop myself from thinking about it, either. I am so impressed with his many years of schooling and practice. Whenever we fly, we put our trust in this one person, you know?

5. "Where is my Dramamine?"

I'm usually downing these pills an hour before takeoff, but sometimes, they don't have enough power to help me forget that I'm so high up in the sky.

I need it to put me to sleep and not make me vomit all over the place.

6. "Oh no, shaking. I hate turbulence."

I mean it when I say I freaking HATE turbulence. Hate it, hate it, hate it.

This is when my heart really starts to race. If it's an itty-bitty bump, OK that's fine. But if I feel like we are falling from the sky, I freak out.

7. "Why isn't anyone freaking out like me?"

I look around constantly throughout my flight. No one is freaking out. They are just either sleeping or watching something on their electronics.

I guess we're OK and everything is fine.

8. "Why do airplanes smell so freaking bad?"

Do they even clean it? It smells like moth balls and old wallpaper. It makes my nausea worse.

9. "How do they get something this big off of the ground?"

A constant reminder that we are so high in the sky, above the clouds.

This weird technology.

10. "Ugh, I just want to be on the ground already."

I do better when I'm on land.

11. "I feel like I'm being sucked back to Earth during takeoff."

Takeoff and landing are the worst parts of the journey. While others enjoy the thrill, I cannot stand it. It makes my stomach flip.

12. "Why are we constantly dropping so much to land safely?"

I get that we have to get down to the ground in time to stick the landing on the runway, but you don't have to drop dozens of feet at once to scare us, Mr. Pilot.

13. "I need a drink."

Water, ginger ale, alcohol. Anything. I need something to get me through this "traumatic" experience.

14. "Oh my GOD, the turbulence again. I'm tired of it."

More dropping and shaking again. What the heck is wrong with this? I'm so scared, let me grip the chair in front of me nonchalantly. Damn weather.

15. *When we land* "I'm finally on the ground! Let's clap!"

Yes, sorry I'm an airplane clapper. I clap because I'm not dead, I'm on the ground, and I'm safe.

16. "This airplane is so damn stuffy and hot. Get me out of here."

Getting off the plane is a long struggle, no matter where you sit. It's crowded, hot, stuffy, and just an annoying process altogether.

Flying is a process for me. Again, you can get me to the airport, put me through security, and get me on a plane, but don't think I'll watch out the window and gaze at the sun and clouds. No!

When I was younger, my biggest worry during a flight was wondering if my ears were going to clog up and hurt. Now, it's anything BUT my ears.

A fear of flying IS REAL. Share this with your flight-loving friends and drop some knowledge. It's scary as hell, but it's worth the traveling and the views I get to see when it's over and done with.

A flight doesn't stop me from seeing the country or the world.

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