9 Thoughts You Have While You're Sick In College
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9 Thoughts You Have While You're Sick In College


9 Thoughts You Have While You're Sick In College
Kelly Sikkema

There are many dreadful things in this world — especially getting sick, which is something all of us avoid, but eventually always end up succumbing to.

Trust me when I say that I have had plenty of experiences being sick in college, despite my short stay.

As only a second semester freshman, I have already been struck with the flu, bronchitis and mono, and I still have two months left to go. Despite the differences in the illness I have endured, there are a few thoughts that remain the same.


This is not a want, but a need. This woman didn’t even get a degree in medicine but she is still the best doctor out there.

2. I pay tens of thousands of dollars for this, and yet no one is here taking care of me why exactly…?

Shouldn’t I have my own personal nurse or something for the absurdity of that price?

3. I’m never riding the public bus again.

Again, shouldn’t I have a limo with all that money I’m putting down?

4. Scratch that, I’m never leaving my dorm again.

It was nice knowin' y’all!

5. Do you think if I send a picture of my puke to my professor that will work as a medical excuse?

It’s college... those attendance points are essential, okay.

6. They’re gonna think I’m hungover... I swear I’m not hungover!

But maybe one too many thirsty Thursdays are why my immune system is crap in the first place...

7. I can’t do this.

I NEED to drop out. It’s seriously the only option if I want to keep my life at this point.

8. What did I do to deserve this?

I should’ve forwarded that chain text message from sixth grade.

9. The bathroom floor isn’t really that dirty, right?

Good, because I’m about to lay on it. If I don’t die from whatever I’m battling currently, I absolutely will form whatever infection I catch from this nasty ass tile afterwards.

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