Everybody who knows me knows how obsessed I get with my TV shows. Be it drama, thriller or sit-com. If a show catches my attention it automatically becomes my favorite, and it is the only thing I want to talk about to everyone.

This week, one of my favorite shows will air its final episode.

Seeing me really sad about this, my friend suggested that I start watching his favorite show.

I was furious at this. His favorite show is an all time favorite show that my rebellious mind had decided I would never watch.

Seeing me taken aback, he told me to give it a try and then tell him whether the show was good or bad.

So, today I decided to write about the emotions I went through when I started a classic TV show that I had sworn off.

(P.S. When I say classic, I mean a general crowd favorite that everyone seems to like.)

1. Whatever this is so lame

This is my first reaction when I am forced to do something. It was only fair that when I started this show this would be my initial reaction since I did not want to watch this.


As I progressed from one season to another and I found myself getting curious about the plot and wanted to know what happened next.

I actually began to enjoy the show and had to stop myself

I found myself regretting my previous words and was trying to control myself from getting attached and obsessed with this show.

3. This is the best thing I have ever seen

As I made my way through the show, I felt myself getting addicted to it. Nothing else mattered. I would get done with classes, do my homework and simultaneously watch the show.

It had gotten to a point where I needed more people who had watched this show so that I could fangirl with them.

I had turned, and it was my current favorite show!

4. I need to drop everything and finish this show right away

I would run back to my room every chance I got if I could not watch it on my phone!

I would feel deprived of the show and had gone to such an extent to cut off contact with my friends until I finished the series.

5. The moment I finish the show and regret just about everything

Every show has an end, and somehow every time I end a show and begin a new one I seem to forget this reality. I get so engrossed in the show that once I finish it I can do nothing but cry and feel withdrawal symptoms from the show itself!

While this may seem like something I go through once or maybe twice. I have actually gone through this four times already.

Being the person who loves to swim against the tide, I never go for the obvious choice of shows and then when I watch them I enjoy them.

Simply put, this is my routine with every show that I start when I am forced to watch a show.