10 Thoughts Every American Has Probably Had While Taking The London Tube

The internet tells me that the Tube, or the London Underground is... An experience. And it is. As an American who grew up in the suburbs, I never really had to take the subway, but it's one of the better ways to get around London (Beats walking for an hour to the West End...) Still, it can be kind of intimidating at first, and even once you get the hang of it, it can be weird...

1. Is this the right line? What if I get on the wrong train?

And it doesn't help that the Northern and Jubilee lines are on opposite sides of Waterloo. Wait, was it eastbound or westbound? Northbound? Southbound? AHHHH!

2. Just how underground is the Underground anyway?

First, you take a set of stairs to get to the station. Then, after you tap in your oyster card, you go down ANOTHER long escalator? I bet if there was a third one, we'd reach the Earth's core in no time.

3. Whoomp, there goes my service

Now how am I supposed to know where to get off? Oh... CityMapper thought of this... swipe right.

4. These names, though...

Bakerloo. That's so fun to say. Bakerloo. Bakerloo. *Snerk* I probably shouldn't laugh, it might mean something sacred or important, but still... Wait, what was my stop again? Piccadilly Circus? HAHAHAHAHA!

5. Okay there are WAY too many people on this train!

Sardines, I tell you. PACKED LIKE SARDINES! How? It's clearly not a TARDIS, so how does it work?

6. Is this silence relaxing or creepy?

There's no talking on the Tube. It's an unwritten, but still enforced rule. I enjoy having no obligation to talk to people, but still... a mutually unspoken rule that everyone must remain silent? Sometimes it can be a little creepy.

7. Should I take this seat?

Finally! Someone got off and left an open seat! But... what if an old person or a pregnant woman gets on? Oh, they didn't... But what if they get on later? Whatever, my feet are killing me, I'm sitting.

8. Best... people watching... EVER

It's so weird. You have all kinds of people stuck in the same place as you. All the character potential (I highly recommend the Victoria line for people watching alone). Just... don't accidentally make eye contact with someone.

9. Tunnels, tunnels, tunnels

Finally, I can get off of this thing... God, this place is a maze, how many tunnels do I need to walk through to get to the top?

10. And... I got out at the wrong exit...

Whatever... It's just the opposite direction. Just turn around, it's not like you got on the wrong train or anything.

At the very least, if you have to use the Tube so much in a day, there's that wonderful Oyster card cap rule.

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