60 Thoughts I had When Konmari-ing My Childhood Room

60 Thoughts I Had When KonMari-ing My Childhood Room

I'm here to say the hype is actually worth it because after watching the show and reading the book Marie Kondo changed the way I clean.


1. Ok, this is incredibly overwhelming. Where do I start?

2. Open the book, open the book. Clothing!

3. Wow clothing is heavy.

4. That's a big pile of clothes, not as big as that crazy woman in Tidying Up though.

5. Ok what does sparking joy mean?

6. This is incredibly overwhelming once again.

7. Well I like this shirt a lot so that is definitely staying.

8. Marie it's working! I kind of did get a rush of happiness holding that.

9. Ok this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this all spark joy.

10. Wait do I really have to hold each one?

11. This is going to take so much time.

12. As long as I'm done by the end of today it'll be fine.

13. Then I can start on books tomorrow.


14. Ok so I finished shirts....pants next?




18. Ok I'm just going to keep going it'll be ok when I can move on to books tomorrow.

**The Next Day**

19. Are shoes clothing?

**The Next Day**

20. Ok books!

21. I still have so many picture books.

22. Aww these are so cute who can I give these to?

23. Marie wouldn't be happy, I'm not supposed to pass items off on other people!

24. Ok these have to go.

25. I'm only going to keep the ones I will actually read.

26. I have no clue what I'm going to want to read.

27. Paper next?

28. Why did I keep all of my schoolwork from high school?

29. These piles of college ruled notebook paper are ridiculous.

30. Aww all of the college brochures!

31. I'm so so happy that part of my life is over.

32. Paper is so heavy!

33. A garbage bag full of paper is even heavier!

34. Miscellaneous is such an odd category.

35. Oh my god I forgot a whole shelf of shirts.

36. This is so ugly why did I ever buy this.

37. Ok bye!

38. Miscellaneous is literally everything in my room.

39. I know I'm not supposed to go by location, but let's start with the chest next to my bed.

40. That's where my passport was!

41. These are such pretty notebooks!

42. I forgot I had all of this washi tape!

43. So many things have been hiding in these drawers.

44. I have way too much jewelry.

45. Where did I even get this?

46. Hmm that's actually kind of cute.

47. Let's keep it!

48. I love that my mom bought me jewelry for every show I was in growing up but I have too many necklaces.

49. I literally was just going to buy earrings that look just like these!

50. I have to actually use all of my stuff some of it is pretty great.

51. Toiletries are going to take me forever.

52. Why do I still have lotion from 2013?

53. That's expired, that's expired, that's also expired.

54. Ok I can't buy anything new until I use all of this extra stuff.

55. Sentimental items!

56. Ew! Those are my baby teeth!

57. Wow I kept everything.

58. Ok let's find a spot for everything now.

**1 week later**

59. This is so relaxing my room is actually completely clean.

**1 month later**

60. I'm impressed with myself, my room still looks amazingly tidy!

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