14 Thoughts Every Cuse Student Has During The First Warm Day

After a cold, dark, windy winter, the days have finally started to warm up. With Cuse's notorious unpredictability when it comes to weather, soaking up the sun, after months of it hiding behind the gray skies is a priority for all Cuse students. With the sun, and warmer weather comes a series of chaotic thoughts that all students have throughout their warm days.

1. "Oh wow, I forgot the sun existed."

2. "Oh my gosh I wonder how long it will last this time."

3. "Please let there be an open bench, please."

4. "I can't get my hopes up, we know it will probably be snowing tomorrow."

5. *Checks weather app* "Yep. 33 and snowing tomorrow."

6. "If only I had gone to a southern school..."

7. "I don't even care if I should actually wear a coat, I'm not doing it."

8. "Wow, I forgot this many people went here."

9. "Don't think about tomorrow's weather, it will only make you sad."

10. "I can do ANYTHING."

11. "Is it worth it to skip class?"

12. "LET'S GO."

13. "Spring is finally here, thank the Lord."

14. "So. Many. Dogs."

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