10 Thoughts All College Students Have In The Frigid Winter Months
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Student Life

10 Thoughts All College Students Have In The Frigid Winter Months

Can we just move our campus to the south so it can be warmer?

10 Thoughts All College Students Have In The Frigid Winter Months
Christina Billie

Being a college student in the winter months may have some perks, like being able to go ice skating and seeing the snowfall, but most of the time, the weather may get the best of us.

The wind is brutal and we can't feel our faces, but we still get that iced coffee in the morning.

Here are 10 thoughts that all college students have in the winter months, especially when it's freezing cold outside.

1. "My hair is going to get so messed up from this wind."

2. "Can we just move our campus to the south so it can be warmer?"

3. "I can't feel my face...or my legs...or my arms..."

4. "The wind is way too strong. I feel like I'm getting blown to class by the wind."

True story

5. "Can summer please come now so I won't be freezing anymore?"

6. "My face feels so cold...and it's as red as a tomato!"


7. "It may be cold, but I still need my iced coffee."

Gloves were made so we can hold iced coffee in the winter, right?

8. "This cold is making me sick."

Another true story.

9. "The weather looks so pretty...but the weather hurts my face."

10. "When will it be warm again?"

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