Summer is a great time to take a break from school and spend more time with friends and family. When I was a junior in high school and going into my senior year, that was a different kind of summer. I was excited for life after high school, and I think that everyone gets to the point where they are just ready to move on. There were some things that were difficult to move on from. For me it was going into my last speech season, my last trap season, and many others as well. However, these difficulties were triumphed on my urge to want to break free from the high school mold.

I was ready for the next big thing, and that was college. The summer before going into my freshman year of college was definitely full of excitement and some nerves as well. That is expected, because it is a completely new experience and it is okay to feel anxious and nervous at the same time. As time has gone on, after summers filled with summer classes, I have finally reached the summer before my senior year. This summer has been quite different for me then I expected. After college is only the rest of my life. So, no pressure right! As a result many different thoughts have crossed my mind, and some are similar to what I experienced before college but some are unique to my experience now.

1. What Am I Going To Do With My Life?

Everyone generally has many interests, and it is difficult that as a young adult to decide what this answer will be.

2. Debt, Debt, and More Debt!

Going to school means some serious money being paid out for an education. In high school, I worked very hard to get scholarships and get good grades so that paying for college would be easier. However, my big payout is going to be my payment to medical school if I am accepted. As a medical school hopeful, this is one of my worries going into the field and it has been quite stressful to think about.

3. Is This The Right Choice For Me?

After I sent in my confirmation that I was coming to Creighton for school, I definitely had many thoughts wondering if it was the right decision. I trusted my gut, and it definitely was the best decision for me.

4. Parent/Family Approval

There is a desire in most of us to want to please our parents and family members with our decisions. For me, my family is very supportive in whatever I choose to do, but there is always that thought of wanting to please them because they have done so much to get me where I am today.

5. Do I Really Want To Devote My Time To This?

After going through a lot of time and effort through college, it has crossed my mind if I really want to pursue post-college education. I could travel, build up a business, spend more time with friends and family, and other such things. It is just a matter of deciding for yourself what you want as a result of your hard work. All in all, this is a very difficult thing to think about and decide what is right.

6. Relationship Status

This is also another thought that crosses through many minds. When you have friends that are in serious relationships, others get married, and others have kids it puts pressure on our minds that we need to be in a relationship. However, I believe that everything happens for a reason and that when the time is right it will all work out, but the thought still crosses the mind.

7. Why Can't I Figure Out What I Want To Do?

Not being able to figure out what it is you want to do definitely keeps your mind wandering. This is especially difficult when you are surrounded with people that have it "all figured out."

8. What Am I Meant To Do?

Our mind likes to wander, and it comes to a point where we wonder what we are truly meant to do. It then continues on to wondering if what we are doing is what we are meant to do.

9. I Want To Travel

With all of the thoughts wondering what you want to do after school, one of the first things that come to my mind is travel. I love to travel, and especially while I am young I want to see the world! When it comes to making plans about after college, the thought comes through my mind about traveling and when I will be able to do so.

10. Where Are My Friends Going To Go?

After high school, I was anxious to get out and meet new friends and through college, I have met my best friends for life! Of course, one of my thoughts now is wondering where we will all be after college. We have spent so much time together, and let's face it things won't be the same after college. So, there are thoughts running through my mind of where they are all going to be.