The airport is quite the experience. People everywhere, screaming security officers, long lines, and God the delays. How amazing! I LOVE traveling! While it can be super stressful getting to and from the destination, I really do love it! I've been able to travel to a few different states, and internationally. While it isn't my first rodeo, there really is no way to prepare yourself for the airport nightmare. These are 11 thoughts I'm sure everyone has when their at the airport...

1. I hope my bag isn't too heavy.

I don't want to have to throw my stuff away!

2. When will we be able to board?

3. Why aren't we boarding yet?!

Come on, we've been here FOREVER!

4. I want to get there now.

All I can think about is my destination.

5. I wonder where those people are going?

Paris, Rome or a couple states over?

6. Do I have time to go to the bathroom?

Boarding starts in 10 minutes I need to make it fast!

7. Why did I get here 3 hours early?

I totally could've slept.

8. The security line is so long!

TSA keeps yelling!

9. Which security line should I go to?

They're both so long.

10. I hate those plastic bins you have to put your belongings in!

My stuff always jams the machine.

11. Why is my flight always delayed?

It always happens!