23 Thomas Rhett Instagram Captions College Girls Can Use To Celebrate Warmer Weather
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23 Thomas Rhett Instagram Captions College Girls Can Use To Celebrate Warmer Weather

Steal a kiss, act a fool, hop a fence, find a pool.

23 Thomas Rhett Instagram Captions College Girls Can Use To Celebrate Warmer Weather

It's officially spring, which means it's almost summer, which means it's time to live your best life.

Go do so, and then top it off with one of these Thomas Rhett lyrics to perfectly capture your mood:

1. "Drink a little beer, play a little music. And have a big time tonight." 

2. "Got a Tennessee girl, a Rocky Top breeze. And a big ol' yellow moon." 

3. "Getting wild, wearing shades, living like we're renegades." 

4. "Steal a kiss, act a fool, hop a fence, find a pool." 

5. "One car, two hearts, wanna run away." 

6. "So soak it all up, let it sink in. Crank it up loud, all the way to ten." 

7. "Tell the girl you like what you're feelin' tonight. And pull her in tight, let the sparks ignite."

8. "You got my number, hit me up if you're trying to fill your cup." 

9. "You're smooth like whiskey, fine like wine." 

10. "Had Christmas lights in the middle of June, all hung up like I was on you."

11. "My girl is rocking that Billabong bikini like she's sponsored." 

12. "Might be Motel Sixing but it feels like Turks and Caicos." 

13. "Ice has started melting cause it's always getting hotter." 

14. "I got my Solo Cup amplifier, playing all my favorite jams." 

15. "My slice of heaven on this side of the Mississippi river, baby." 

16. "What I wouldn't give to be sixteen, wild and free."

17. "Chase a bunch of girls, go see the world."

18. "Friday night on the town, we walk in and you draw a crowd." 

19. "Blue skies and blue eyes, a hell of a way to start." 

20. "Let me reminisce my lips on your lips like a symphony."

21. "You and I, we could use some reckless behavior." 

22. "Love the way you're wearing those jeans so tight (so tight)." 

23. "We kiss and the flames just get higher." 

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