This amazing product technology is enabling people to get the best in the segment winter experiences
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This amazing product technology is enabling people to get the best in the segment winter experiences

Winter sports are recreational sporting activities performed on snow or ice. These include both individuals as well as team sports such as ice hockey,

This amazing product technology is enabling people to get the best

in the segment winter experiences

Winter sports are recreational sporting activities performed on snow or ice. These include both individuals as well as team sports such as ice hockey,

figure skating, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, ski jumping, speed skating, alpine skiing, bobsledding, and snowmobiling. Apart from family retreats and joining snow sports at a professional level, the main reason for the ever-rising popularity of snow sports has been the Winter Olympic Games- the main international winter sports event.

Unfortunately, a bigger problem that the Snowsports industry faces today is the significant gap in providing experiences that are truly inclusive in nature. Luckily, SNO-GO’s innovative technology is curbing this gap by offering the fastest growing alternative to skiing or snowboarding that is perfect for beginners as well as experts. The unrivaled product engineering of SNO-GO makes it possible for Snowsports enthusiasts to explore the hottest new winter activity as they bid adieu to the final phase of the Winter season.

It’s been a very long time since the snowsports industry has been seeking a more inclusive way to increase participation numbers and repeat customers. The clear reason is that the standard Skiing and Snowboarding experience is very exhausting as well as expensive for the larger majority who want to take it up as a recreational activity initially. On the other hand, SNO-GO bikes are an easier way to go down the mountain, and anyone can do it. Interestingly, its world-class patented technology and design are so convenient that if you can ride a bike, you can ride an SNO-GO. Period.

It only takes under an hour for people to learn how to use SNO-GO bikes irrespective of their skill level. Apart from enabling inclusivity in the space of Snowsports, SNO-GO bikes are emerging to be a real game-changer as they cater to a broader market by providing an easy learning curve. This opens a whole new range of avenues across Winter recreation activities for resort operations, guest experiences, vacation packages, adaptive integrations, and employee transportation. Moving rapidly toward being synonymous with Skiing and Snowboarding, SNO-GO bikes can now be enjoyed at over half of the ski resorts in the US. The list includes popular players like Vail and Boyne Resorts, all in just five years after their inception.

SNO-GO bikes come with the patented S.L.A.T. (Synchronized Lateral Articulating Technology) system, engineered to allow the rear skis to function as a perfect parallel skier. The SNO-GO bikes are specifically designed to make skiing easier and more fun. Not just this, another advantage is that the bikes are lightweight and combine all of the complex individual limb motor functions needed to go downhill into one easy step. All one has to do is merely lean for left turns and right for right turns for unmatched downhill domination.

The most amazing part is that this revolutionary technology is easily accessible, thanks to the SNO-GO RIDE CENTERS. The centers offer an extensive selection of SNO-GO bikes for rent with PSIA-AASI trained instructors for snowsports lovers to SNO-GO like a pro in no time. Additionally, one can also discover their own SNO-GO adventure by renting bikes through the exclusive rental partners.

The patented S.L.A.T. system of SNO-GO makes stopping the bike easier than ever. Riders only have to lean on their handlebars while pushing down on their outside foot to stop while being in control of the bike at all times. SNO-GO launched their fourth generation this winter, which incorporates an exclusive carbon blend shedding eight pounds of weight from the equipment. By developing an exclusive carbon composite dubbed HEXED™ Carbon, the SNO-GO bike has managed to shave 8 pounds of weight to increase stiffness and stability for a smoother ride. The bottom line is that SNO-GOs are easier to maneuver, transport, and load on and off lifts. This essentially means that riders can now enjoy even less fatigue and improved performance to have one of the best winter adventures of their lives. With so many exciting features, SNO-GO is most certainly the go-to option for snow enthusiasts to enjoy the adrenaline kicking in as they go faster through the trees and in the air while ensuring a high level of safety on the slopes.

What is HEXED™ CARBON? A proprietary blend of carbon fiber made with the latest innovations in aerospace manufacturing designed to perform in the harshest of arctic conditions.

Clearly, SNO-GO opens a new way of having fun on the mountain that we never knew was possible. With the cycling and outdoor recreation industries booming, it's the perfect time for a low barrier technology like SNO-GO’s S.L.A.T. to increase participation in snowsports at a greater scale.

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