1. The warm weather

I currently have my heat on, and it's supposed to snow this weekend. I would rather be in shorts, not dreading the brief walk to my car.

2. Beach trips

There is nothing better than some Thrasher's french fries on an Eastern shore beach with the sand between your toes.

3. Not having to bundle up all the time

On most days a winter coat and scarf is a must. I miss being able to throw on some shorts and a baggy tank top.

4. Not having to worry about shoveling

Will the store be out of shovels? Does my apartment complex provide road clearing?

5. Being able to drink fun cocktails outside

Why would you want to sit outside in 20-degree weather with wind chills that bring it into the single digits? A peachy liquor with juice doesn't seem to hit the spot as it does on days above 80.

6. Listening to your summer playlist.

Jake Owens' "Barefoot Blue Jean Night" just doesn't feel the same in January.

7. The BBQs

All I really want is a turkey burger cooked on the grill right now, with a red Solo cup in my hand.

8. Actually being able to hang out outside

Anything outdoors is nearly off limits. Why would you go to the park or go on a hike when you have blankets and a heater at home?

9. Summer water activities

Swimming, fishing, and boating are all essential parts of summer. You can't swim in the creek during the winter, that's for sure.

10.  Having a little bit of a tan

I am the first person to tell you tanning is bad because it damages your skin and makes your prone to skin cancer. However, with more outdoor time you tend to be a little bit tanner, and your legs look slimmer.

11.  Being able to drive with the windows down

Who doesn't love blasting music, going down the highway, windows rolled all the way down?

12.  No school!

No finals, exams, test, quizzes, or assignments for three months. Three sweet months.

13.  Actually spending time with friends

When exams aren't an issue and studying has been pushed into nothing more than a memory, there is more time to hang out with the people you love.

14.  Breaking out the fake tan

Like I said, I am not for tanning, but fake tan is great. Put it on, let it develop over a few hours, and Casper the ghost is gone!

15. Messy hair is acceptable

You just came from the pool, what are you going to do? Brush your hair? Nope!