Things You Know If Your College Is In A Cold Place

Things You Know If Your College Is In A Cold Location

We all know it's true.

Diana Denney

Now that I'm experiencing my first winter at Syracuse University, I've picked up on some universal truths that every student knows if they go to a college with a terrible, cold climate.

1. Fashion doesn't matter in the tundra.

No one is going to care what you look like at your 8 am when there's a wind chill of -10, so why not dress your warmest? You always strut your furry snow boots, long jacket, huge scarf, and two pair of gloves like the superstar you are.

2. There is a constant battle for classes to be canceled.

Students at your college beg and beg to get classes canceled when the weather is bad (aka, on the daily). You and your friends have probably assumed that classes would be canceled the next day and stayed up until 3 on the morning, only to find out you still have your 8 a.m.

3. You've slid on ice in front of complete strangers more than you'd like to admit.

No one is safe from fumbling on snow or ice, even if you're walking past that cute guy in your stat class. But the good thing is that no one ever laughs at you if they see you fall because hey, they get it.

4. You avoid going outside at all costs.

If it involves stepping into the Arctic tundra outside your door, you probably aren't that excited. Going to the gym, the dining hall, or class can feel like too much a hassle to leave your warm, cozy bed.

5. Your skin is drier than the Sahara.

All of the wind and dropping temperatures definitely wreak havoc on your skin. There have been several days where you've had to slather yourself in Aquaphor and moisturizer to prevent flaking.

6. You roll your eyes whenever another college is closed for 0.1 inches of snow.

Schools in warmer climates tend to freak out when there's even a chance of snow. Meanwhile, your perception of "a lot of snow" has completely changed.

7. You've had to walk slanted sideways to avoid being knocked over by the wind.

The powerful wind that comes with your school's crazy winter weather seems to have a vendetta as it knocks students down left and right. You've probably developed your own way to walk to avoid becoming the next human domino.

8. The first day of winter that it's over 45 degrees feels like summer.

The second it gets warm enough to take your huge puffy coat off, it feels like hot weather. The sun is shining, people are outside, life feels better. Too bad it'll probably snow the next day, but you enjoy the warm weather while you can!

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