​15 Things Women Are Tired of Hearing
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​15 Things Women Are Tired of Hearing

It's the 21st century, lets get with the program

​15 Things Women Are Tired of Hearing

There are many sentences or phrases that women hear too often. It is either something sexist, degrading or just flat out annoying. Even though a lot of things have changed and progress has been made, there still is sexism and racism in the 21st century. This article is going to be sharing 15 sexist and annoying things women are tired of hearing.



Women are told to smile all the time. I'm not sure why people expect females to be smiling all the time but I'm sure is has to do with the fact that people think women are here to please everyone. Personally, if I was smiling all the time, I would look like the joker and my cheeks would hurt. We don't need to smile all the time because sometimes we just don't feel like it.

"Modesty is the best policy"


Modesty is a word that is mostly thrown onto women. That we should be modest, not show any skin or be sexual in any way. Of course, unless it's the sexualization of women for the male gaze such as advertisements and etc. But how dare we do it for ourselves. Men show their self-confidence with their bodies all the time but when a woman does it she is a slut. The worst part is when they say because a woman shows skin she is "asking for it" which is just another way of blaming the woman or the victim for something that wasn't their fault. If a girl is wearing a crop top or a shorter skirt and you have a problem with it, that is your problem not hers. Modesty isn't always the best policy.

"Do you have a boyfriend yet?"


Do you have a boyfriend? Are you married yet? Apparently, it is terrible for a woman to be single and live a single life. People also automatically assume something is wrong with them and that is why their single, because why would a woman want to be single? I don't know why it is such an odd concept that a woman might want to focus on her career before she thinks about who she wants to marry.

"Calm down"


This often happens when a woman isn't necessarily not calm. Something could have been said and so they snapped back. They let someone know they weren't happy with something and defended themselves. That's when they are told to "calm down" because apparently, women aren't supposed to speak up. Well, guess what, we aren't going to "calm down."

"You can't take a joke"


It is not that we can't take a joke, you just aren't funny. A joke is no longer a joke when it is offensive, especially to the person you are talking to. I'm not sure why people are so confused when they say a sexist joke to a woman and they get offended. Of course we won't like a joke that is offensive to women. We won't find it funny because it's not. Maybe you just need to learn some better jokes.

"Eat a salad/Eat a cheeseburger"


I don't know why people feel like they can tell women what to eat. Are you our doctor? No. You are a random person that decided to let me know I needed to eat a cheeseburger and are probably the same person who turned around and told someone else they needed to eat a salad. One of the many problems with body shaming is no matter what, you will always be shamed for something. So, why don't people just keep their food suggestions to themselves.

"Your clock is ticking"


The idea that a woman's clock is ticking, is saying that they are getting older and it is not good that they are single. Women have more time to have a child than what is expected. Sometimes, you are saying that to a woman who doesn't want one or can't have one, so, thanks for reminding them. There is no need to tell a woman that her biological clock is ticking unless you are the doctor she is ASKING. It is none of your business.

"You wear too much makeup"


This is another no-win situation because you will be told to embrace your natural beauty and not wear so much makeup and when you don't wear makeup, you will be told you look sick or tired. You will be told to take care of yourself and if you wore a bit of makeup you'd look prettier. Then when you do your makeup, people will say stuff like "this is why I have trust issues." You will never win and so just do whatever the hell you want. Wear your makeup and if you don't like makeup then don't wear it.

"Who are you dressing up for?"


This is sometimes just a dad remark but it is also said by other people as well. When a woman is getting all dolled up and feeling good about themselves, it has to be for a man, right? Believe or not, sometimes we just get dressed for ourselves. We do our makeup in the morning because we like how we look or it's fun. I'm somebody who enjoys dressing up especially for occasions that require it and sometimes I just do it because I want to. No, it is not because I think this will be the day my prince charming will see me at a store and ask for my hand in marriage.

"Be ladylike"


Ladylike, meaning being modest in every way. Be respectful always, never curse and keep your legs crossed. Curtsy and know your place. No, thank you. As women we do try to be our best selves and be respectful but if we are disrespected, we will cuss you out. We aren't going to curtsy, we are going to wear what we want and we aren't going to force ourselves to be perfect in a man's eye. Women are far too great to worry about things like "am I being ladylike" because that term is something that is restrictive not admirable.

"You don't look approachable"


Huh, maybe we don't want to be approached. This is another way of saying you have a "resting bitch face" which means your resting face isn't a smile. No one's is but apparently women's resting face should be the joker smile. The resting face is hard to control, so, sometimes it may be a more harder or angrier look. Oddly, this can be for anyone of any gender but it is only pointed out when it's a woman.

"Women are weak"


Hahaha. If you only knew the strength we have. Women can take a lot of pain, I mean, they can go through labor and no, men, it is not the same as getting kicked in your area. There are many scientific proofs that going into labor will never be the same amount of pain. Women are also incredibly strong inside and have strong hearts. A lot of women are strong on the outside as well.

"You must be on your period"


This is apparently the only explanation for a woman to be angry. "She seems mad, she must be on her period" or maybe she is just mad. Maybe, you said something that struck a cord. It's weird that it is automatically assumed that a woman is on her period if she gets mad at something. It only happens once a month which is more than we would like it but it's not 24/7.

"Women are meant to be in the kitchen"


There are a lot of women and the kitchen jokes. Playing on the fact that women used to do the house chores while the man worked. Well, it's the 21st century and thankfully that is not the case. It also isn't funny because it took a lot for women to get the rights they have and we don't like the fact the sexism still exists. Cook your own meals.

"Women are too sensitive"

Sophie King

I love this quote above because it speaks for itself. The whole idea that we get mad over nothing isn't true, it's something. We don't just get mad or sad out of thin air. If we do, it was probably a build up of something leading to the point. Sometimes, something small can bring us to tears or make us mad but it will be because it was the last straw. But, we don't just up and decide, I am going to be mad now.

Unfortunately, there are more comments that bother women and these are just a few. Women, we are fierce and wonderful creatures. We have a lot of capability to be the best person we can be. Don't let anyone tell you differently and live the life you want to live. There are some downsides of being a woman but there are some great upsides as well. Embrace whatever woman you want to be because it is your life and not anyone else's.

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