The summer can seem super boring if you don't have anything exciting planning. However, here are some things you can do this summer break.

1. Plan a day trip with your friends. 

Maybe take a trip down to a nearby town and explore a new city you haven't been to before. Or maybe take a hiking trip somewhere in the mountains. These kinds of trips don't take a not of money or time, so it's a win-win experience.

2. Get a job. 

Okay, I know this is not super exciting, but at least with a job, you could make some money, meet some people, and have something to do. Then you also have something to put on that college resume.

3. Find a new hobby. 

The summer is a perfect time to find new things that you like because you don't have to worry about homework assignments anymore. You finally have time to pick up a book you have been wanting to read or try making some crafts you saw on Pinterest, or maybe to play a new instrument. With so many time, you have so much free time to do stuff you enjoy.

4. Visit old friends. 

Maybe you have a friend at a different college. Now you have the time to go visit them!

5. Go shopping. 

When all else fails, go shopping. The summer is the perfect time to get some new cute outfits in your closet.