50 Things To Do Over The Summer

So, right now it's June, but you have until the middle of August to do mostly...well...nothing!

I know you've been waiting for this and now that it's here, you realize you're bored, lazy and unproductive.

Here's a list of 50 things you can do over the Summer:

1. Develop a daily routine—follow it! 

2. Start a blog. 

3. Learn photography. 

4. Meditate. 

5. Go to the gym regularly. 

6. Go for a swim. 

7. Start doing Yoga. 

8. Go on a road trip with a few close friends. 

9. Learn how to cook. 

10. Clean your room—but, like, properly. 

11. Do charity work. 

12. Sort out your clothes, accessories, and shoes by rearranging them. 

13. Start a daily journal. 

14. Watch a documentary (NOT a Netflix one). 

15. Take an online course. 

16. Learn a language. 

17. Learn to draw. 

18. Improve your handwriting skills. 

19. Read a book. 

20. Watch travel vlogs on YouTube. 

21. Learn to sew. 

22. Buy a coloring book—color! 

23. DIY—anything.  

24. Paint your nails. 

25. Explore new music. 

26. Watch movies that aren't in your first language. 

27. Go on a holiday. 

28. Play badminton with your friends. 

29. Go for a walk in the park. 

30. Explore new restaurants in town—write reviews online. 

31. Help the homeless. 

32. Enroll in a kickboxing class. 

33.  Do karate. 

34. Learn how to read tarot cards (because why not?)!

35. Learn how to use Adobe Photoshop. 

36. Learn how to edit music. 

37. Learn how to edit videos—make vlogs! 

38. Learn about a new country. 

39. Explore your city a little more. 

40. Arrange a photoshoot with your best friend. 

41. Improve your writing skills. 

42. Work on your resume. 

43. Have a karaoke night with your friends. 

44. Have a sleepover with your friends. 

45. Learn a new form of dance. 

46. Take time to educate yourself—become politically aware. 

47. Build your social skills. 

48. Start a food blog! 

49. Go on a camping trip. 

50. Do a short internship/job shadowing. 

That's my list of the things you can do over the summer. From now on, every time you sit on the couch aimlessly scrolling through your social media asking yourself why you have nothing to do, know that there's always something out there. You ALWAYS have something to do.

Remember, you have three months. Use this time to develop as a person, discover yourself, and create a healthy lifestyle.

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