Things to do in New Jersey during Fall.
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Things to do in New Jersey during Fall.

From scary to delicious, there is something for everyone.

Things to do in New Jersey during Fall.

October has officially begun. It’s time to start thinking about all of the activities you want to do before Winter comes around. I have compiled a list of all the best autumn inspired things to do in New Jersey so you don’t miss out on any of the fun.

1. Fright Fest (Jackson)

Six Flags is an amusement park that we all know and love, but the creeps come out in October. Enjoy the regular rides during the day, and get ready to be scared for your life at night. Are you daring enough to make it through the seven terrifying attractions? Don’t forget to stop by the bloody fountain for the perfect Instagram picture.

2. Battleview Orchards (Freehold)

Battleview Orchards is your one stop shop for apples and pumpkins this season. Don’t forget to call or check out their website to see when your favorite apple is ripe! Also, make sure you stop at their Country Store to get some delicious goodies and apple cider donuts. (Get there early, the line is usually long!)

3. Brighton Asylum (Passaic)

This newer haunted house is located in the heart of Passaic County. Their haunted attractions showcase some of the highest special effects that theatrical horror has to offer. Be warned, this house is not for the weary. It is actually really scary, but you will have fun. Check their Instagram for contact nights, which are even more intense.

4. Asbury Park Zombie Walk (Asbury Park)

This event lets you live out your goriest nightmares. Get in your best zombie gear to join thousands of other zombies and walk down the Asbury Park boardwalk and other public locations as bystanders watch in fear.

5. Heaven Hill Farm (Vernon Township)

To go pumpkin picking and to check out the Great Pumpkin Festival, check out Heaven Hills Farm. This exciting Halloween attraction is perfect for kids!

6. Ramsey Farmers Market (Ramsey) Ploch’s Farm (Clifton, NJ)

Just because summer is over, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your fresh produce and novelty items.

7. Bane Haunted House (Livingston)

Bane Haunted House is the largest indoor halloween attraction in New Jersey. It is guest interactive, so be prepared to be terrified. There are no animatronics, so all the scares come from up to 70 live actors each night!

8. Soul Kitchen Community Restaurant (Red Bank/ Toms River)

Enjoy a farm to table meal at Jon Bon Jovi's Soul Kitchen. Dine on locally sourced seasonal ingredients. Times are tough, so if you are unable to give a donation to pay for your meal you can serve as a volunteer to earn a dining certificate. Good food, great company. Pay it forward.

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