When I started to think about what I wanted to write about this week for my Odyssey article, I realized that today is August 1st! The summer has definitely flown by! I feel like I just finished with classes in May, but my summer has been filled with studying for the MCAT, taking the MCAT, and taking summer classes as well. So, my summer was definitely not a complete break. However, many students are doing what I am! I only have one more week left of my genetics class and trust me when I say that I am counting down the days! Once my class does end, I have a couple week before the official first day of classes and I want to make the most of that little time that I have!

1. Go On A Trip

My family and I are going to Arizona so I am looking forward to lounging around the pool! This time is a great way to give yourself a much-needed break and to go have fun!

2. Finish Miscellaneous To Do's

These miscellaneous items can be difficult to get done especially if you have had a busy summer. Whether it would be doctor appointments, cleaning, finish applications, or whatever else!

3. Work

For some people, these last few weeks may be filled with busy work schedules to make some extra money before the start of school. Those books for classes are definitely not cheap!

4. Hang Out With Friends

Before people head back to school, this can also be a great time to hang out with hometown friends before you all head back to school!

5. Spend Time With Family

This is also a great time to spend some last minute quality time with family before your hectic year starts!