Things You Take For Granted Before Traveling

Everyone wants to travel and see the world, and the sights and experiences you get through travel are amazing, but there are many different things about of countries that you may take for granted in your home country.

1. Free Bathrooms

There are many places in Europe that require a fee in order to use the bathroom. The fee isn't too much, only 50 cents, but if you only have big bills it could become a hassle.

2. Free Water

When you go to a restaurant in the states and just get a water to drink, it's free. In Europe if you order a water, they bring you a bottle and you have to pay for it. We found this out the hard way when our table ordered five large bottles of water and ended up having to pay 25 euros.

3. Air Conditioning

Sure air conditioning isn't everywhere in the US, but it is more common and easier to find. The last two hotels we stayed at were not air conditioned and we could not open the windows at the last one or bugs would come in our room. Many places in town were not air conditioned either.

4. Your Language

Of course this is true. If you are traveling to a country that doesn't speak your language, you will have the barrier. Luckily many people in other countries know English, they start teaching it at a young age, but if you don't speak English or that countries language it can be very difficult. Even if people speak the language, signs and menus are often only in that countries language.

Even with these differences and slight set backs, travel is something everyone should do. I absolutely love it and can't wait until my next adventure.

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